Not surprisingly “extreme techies” are different than the general population. Bill and I are both fairly early adopters, we had our first DVRs in the 1990s (I was a TiVo guy, Bill was a ReplayTV) but our extreme techie days are probably behind us. Still, we do not project our own usage out to the general population, but there are a lot of early adopter techies on the Internet (and quite a few who read this site) who sometimes do.

A new study highlights some of the habits of “extreme techies” and “TV devoted online socializers”, THR has the scoop:

So just who are those so-called early adopters?

A new Nielsen study focused on broadband-media consumers reveals that these folks are hardly a homogeneous group of gizmo geeks. Because who they are and how they get involved with broadband media can help advertisers and producers figure out how best to market their products, Nielsen did a deep dive into data and came up with eight distinct categories of such consumers.

Far ahead of the tech-adoption curve is what the study terms “extreme techies”: tech innovators at the forefront of adoption behavior.

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