Who would have figured it was the old folks (like me) doing the multitasking.

Simultaneous use is a growing phenomenon:

  • Nearly 40% of people use TV and the web simultaneously each week
  • The numbers are higher for those 35 and up, with 51% of those 35 to 49 engaging in simultaneous usage and 47% of those over 50. Compare that to just 33% of those 12 to 17 and 39%t of those 18 to 34.
  • About 4% of the time, people are on the computer when they are watching television.

via Nielsen Wire. (interestingly, that page is now gone from the Nielsen site, but it was there, check this search to see how many other folks linked to it)

Although it’s not mentioned in that post, based on other recent information from Nielsen, that may be due to the fact that the youngest age groups don’t have sole control over their own TV, while as people age the likelihood they have sole control over a TV increases.

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