Following in the path of Showtime, which isn’t making new originals available for streaming at all,  Starz will begin holding back its original series for 90 days before they are available for streaming on Netflix.

The hold back on originals begins effective with Starz’ Camelot which is set to debut on Starz on April 1, and will include all original series, including Torchwood: Miracle Day.

A delay on movies is set to follow.

Why do this? The betting money is on a combination of:

  • so that people who don’t subscribe to Starz have to wait (and might consider subscribing to Starz if they don’t want to wait)
  • making sure that people who do subscribe to Starz don’t think “WTF!? Why am I paying $15-$20 a month for Starz when I could just get a Netflix streaming account for $8.00/mo.”
Posted by:TV By The Numbers

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