Good piece from Claire Atkinson about the progress (or lack thereof) of Nielsen’s testing of its system to measure online viewing.   The new measurement intends to measure online viewing of shows within three days of telecast provided they have the same national commercials that aired on television.  That viewing will then be counted in the C3 ratings.  Those are live commercial ratings, plus three day DVR viewing, that will extend to online viewing once the new measurement rolls out.

The new measurement was scheduled to roll out in April, but  is running into a fairly big snag:  it’s not picking up any online viewers.

One agency researcher expressed surprise at the blank ratings reports he’s been seeing for the past few weeks, while one senior TV executive said, “Nielsen has to deal with the nature of detection process. It’s not working.”

A big factor in the results is that in the testing there are less than a dozen shows currently available in the test, from TNT, TBS and E! and some of the shows are available to only to a limited set of viewers behind cable companies’ authenticated online offerings.
Expect delays in the roll out.  Those delays probably can’t last long enough for Hulu chief Jason Kilar, though they conceivably could outlast Kilar, who isn’t a fan of adding more commercials to the online experience.
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