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Final Update: fun while it lasted, but no longer free on Amazon or iTunes.  It should be available for free on both Hulu and on Saturday.

Looks like it’s an “All V, All The Time” day, but I know some folks missed it and there were comments about how to watch it.  Though last night’s premiere of  V is not yet available on Hulu or (where only the first 9.5 minutes are so are avaialble) and looks like it won’t be until Saturday, the premiere is already streaming on, and for free.

Just click the link below.

Via Amazon Video On Demand Twitter Feed.

Update (from comments – thanks Jason): it is indeed free on iTunes too.

Update 2: Posted around 3:20p PT on November 4:

AmazonVideo Sorry!! We have to take down our free V offer. Want it? Better grab it quick. #fb

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