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  • Kay

    The last semi-good show went way south tonight. ABC just couldn’t leave politics out of Last Man Standing. There are few family shows worth watching anymore and they ruined this one. First they change a good actor out for one that is lacking the spark Alexandra has. Then they bring in a young dad that would be better left out. Then they bring in politics. ABC, leave religion and politics out and get rid of East/West coast liberal family values. Give us Midwesterners something worth watching.

  • Molly Ann Carter

    I didn’t like all the changes on today’s episode. The new Kristin is awful, the guy how plays Boyd’s dad is too old and loud, and Boyd is now 5? Sorry, I not be watching it anymore.

  • Deb

    What a disappointment! I was so looking forward to the new season starting and couldn’t believe how bad it was. The new Kristin is horrible, what happened to the sweet one? I love Tim Allen and was really hoping this would be a hit for him. And as if all the mail, phone calls, people knocking on your door, and ads on TV isn’t enough political onslaught they made a comedy show into more political “stuff”. Very sad

  • Jenifer

    I loved this show last year and was so excited that it was starting up again. My husband and I HATED the season opener. The new gal is so angry. Why did they get rid of the mellow Kristin? I though all the girls blended so well last year. They should have kept the same cast. They really ruined a good thing. Sorely disappointed

  • Becky

    Just watched the show we had taped. HATED IT. I am so disappointed, this was a comedy I really looked forward to watching. Matter of fact it was the only comedy I looked forward to watching. I have taken it off my DVR list.

  • Mel

    My whole family loved this show last season & couldn’t wait for it to come back on. We were all very disappointed. The new Kristin is terrible!!! How did Boyd age so much & the girls didn’t? Boyd’s dad is almost as bad as the new Kristin. I can ignore the politics for one show, even though I didn’t like it. The cast changes are enough for me to stop watching.

  • Gabe

    Just watched this episode last night and I’m in agreement with everyone else on here. They should have kept the same actress and dealt with the creative differences they so called let her go for. Really how does a kid gain 3 years in one season. I’m not so sure I’m going to watch this show any more. Last season it was my favorite half hour comedy to watch and now i think I’ll leave a comedy void. Yeah that new actress for the roll of Kristen looks like a talentless robot just going threw the motions. ABC better fix this and return the show back to how it was in the first season.

  • Joe

    I agree with the rest of these posters. You lost another family of viewers with this liberal prop show.


    I was disppointed with the theme of the new show because I felt it was to much about the election.( I’M tired of hearing it) I will give the new cast a chance and have programed it into my DVR. I would also like to know if the first season if coming out on DVD???

  • Scott

    I also agree with everyone, big fan of Tim Allen and enjoyed the first season. It was a fun show to watch. I did it like the new actors at all and the chemistry was not there. I almost sopped watching but finished it out. I will give it a couple more episodes kind of like two and a half men (which is very bad now)

  • Lea

    This is one of our favorite shows. We were looking forward to Season 2. Can’t believe they replaced Kristin.The 3 sisters were so good together in the last season. The replacement just didn’t fit in. Too bad. Won’t be watching the show anymore. They just killed it for us. :(

  • Terry

    Won’t be watching it any more either. I miss the other actress and don’t need all the political correctness that ruins the comedy.

  • Frank

    Just watched the secound show of the season. Didn’t like the new actors last week and thought that I would give it one more shot…I’m done watching it!

  • Bill

    Very confusing second season with change in actors. It appears they are making “Tim” look more like Archie Bunker. Lost me as a viewer.



  • Barry

    I certainly agree with the previous postings.
    Maybe the writers can have some fans actually give them some ideas on how the show should progress?
    Change things back, bring Boyd back as a younger kid and Kristen needs to be the same actress as in season 1.
    Maybe it can happen, Mike just has to wake up from a terrible nightmare and all will be back to its happy show.
    Last Man Standing had a great Season 1, hope the rest of Season 2 will adjust accordingly.

  • Michael

    Just tried to watch the 2nd episode of the new season, figured I’d give it one more chance after the train wreck of the 1st episode. New cast changes suck even worse and now they have to keep on with the political bs. Why couldn’t they just leave a good show alone? Whoever made these decisions is an effing idiot. I deleted this one after 10 minutes of watching it, it wasn’t funny, it was painful to watch. Way to go ABC..way to turn a winning show into complete garbage. I’m done….

  • diana

    I also agree with above comments.the new kristen is. awful. Your dose of liberal bias sucks.. too much for this Midwest

  • diana

    I also agree with above comments.the new kristen is. awful. Your dose of liberal bias sucks.. too much for this Midwesterner.please give us back a good show or adios.

  • Mac

    The cast change and politics were bad enough but I tried to forgive them and look past it to give a once great show a chance to find its bearings again. Now they want to shove religion down people’s throats. I will not be returning.

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