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  • gary

    too bad abc ruined what was an outstanding comedy, every week having to listen to tim allen bashing our president, and then listing to the ne boyfriend and his politics, seems like a remake of all in the family, if i want politics i will turn on the news, and please if the show stays on get rid of the new kristen and bring back the old one, and Please get rid of the new boyfriend, AND NO MORE POLITICS!

  • P brown

    PLEASE do not change content of the show! “us” concervertives Do not have many people, especially Hollywood backing us!!! It is a breath of fresh air to hear someone actually taking another side ‘ not being “afraid”!Tim Allen is great and VERY respected! Thank you

  • renee

    i think last man standing and malibu country are the best sitcoms on right now. it would be a mistake to cancel them. Fri nights are bad nights, move them to a more popular night. Just think it would be a shame to let them go. so many dumb shows on now and these two are funny and really good. need a longer try then 1-2 seasons.

  • renee

    i agree with leaving politics out. We hear enough of that. and yes the new kristin is not as good but the show is still good. they are only incorporating real issues in to the show. just make it what it used to be and everyone should be happy.

  • chris

    Love the show. Agree w/ everyone else , the new Kristin comparison to the orig, but I believe largely due to cold, liberal scripting of this character this season. I do appreciate a comedy that doesn’t hide from politics and religion but also does not paint conservatism as insanity. This season seems to be going the wrong direction, but Tim and Nancy still have me for now.

  • Sam

    I liked last years cast. Don’t like this year’s new boy friend or new daughter.

  • Dan

    We looked forward to watching this show each week last year. WE watched it as a family; our granddaughter loved it so much she would laugh out loud. This season is like a bad attempt at “All in the Family.” Tim Allen is now an unfunny Archie Bunker making bigoted anti-liberal comments, and Boyd’s dad is his liberal foil Meathead (beard and all). We kept watching, hoping it would ditch the bigotry and politics. No luck. We stopped half way through the latest episode. I deleted the series from our DVR. Sorry.

  • pony68

    Unfortunate this show has become so political. there attempt to show some sympathy to the illegal immigrant who been here some 10 years and they try to keep him in country cause he’s a good worker. How Political line agenda from the left wing democrats. How bout you cover the other side in which a legal immigrant trying to get to this country legally and have to wait like the other law abiding people. this country dosnt have room+jobs+money for all people want to come thats why there is a process. leave the political agenda out of the entertainment, i quess you think that if we bombard us long enough we will be brain washed. sry i see thru that smoke you are producing.

  • Todd

    I loved this show last season, and cannot even watch a full episode this season (2012/13). The political agenda of the show is overwhelming, and it’s not even funny. The focus of the show seems to also have changed from the family to the kid and his dad. I miss the cast and laughs from last season. I won’t be watching any more.

  • teresa

    Why on earth would they take the Best new comedy and turn it into TRASH.
    This new Girl and the FAther SUCK !!!! This show was so good but now its not going to last at all. I bet its off the air by season 3.
    I bet if they had not made changes it would have lasted for years.
    I read the made chages because some people did not like that Kristen was so you and a single mom. Well welcome to the real world People.
    I know a lot of teen mom who are a hell of alot better the older married moms so
    why not just be happy with the fact she was a good mom.
    Some Busy Bodys need to stop watching TV if they want a perfect world then maybe start a station on cable you can call it snor vision.

  • 70s

    I thought Tim’s points were great social cometary. The political correctness is this country is absurd! He refers to times in this country when people still had spines, and were not looking for a easy ride. Every word out of ones mouth was not analyzed for a frevolis lawsuit. The show is so so. No show is going to change your life.

  • Russ

    Ok ABC,
    You had a hit and you tanked it.
    It seems like you could make changes and fix it and we’d all be happy and watch again.

    Do you think you could just make it like the first season.
    Get the actress that played the oldest daughter in the first season back. Send the pathetic excuse for a character development son-in-law to Antarctica and then have him tragically eaten by.. well anything.

    Please STOP writing LA diversity into the scripts (you already have it in everything else) and let the rest of us enjoy the family you wrote in the first season.

    Let Tim be Tim.

    If you don’t, the only show left on ABC I’ll be watching is Castle and maybe the Neighbors.

    It’s very frustrating that the only shows I can watch with my kids anymore are on retro-channels.
    Throw us a bone here and give us the old show back.
    Sincere thanks.

  • James

    As much as I hate to say it, pretty much in complete agreement with many of the other viewers…I really believe that the young actresses who play Eve & Mandy are the breakout stars in this show…You could make the show alot better by having the oldest daughter & her baby daddy move away for out-of-state jobs & not be seen again (aka, Chuck the oldest brother on Happy Days in the first two seasons)…Really like Tim Allen & Nancy Travis, and hope the writers get this worked out before it’s too late & it gets cancelled!…Some very funny LOL moments week to week, but way too much focus on the oldest daughter & baby daddy!

  • Pete

    Best show on TV by far !
    Season two started slow with some new cast members but after watching the last few episodes I cannot remember the last time I laughed this hard !


  • RickAZ

    The second season sucks because it’s always about politics. This new dynamic of Tim Allen vs the new father of Boyd really is terrible. Just make me laugh, and let me get the politics from CNN and Fox News.

  • Joe Boo

    Great show – one of the few anti-liberal shows out there. Classic Tim Taylor and comedy.

    To the liberals who are upset about the politics of the show :

    Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ( the Wahbulance is here to take you to “we don’t carewhere” )

  • Jim Antal

    I agree with all of the above. Not a news show and Illegal to move a kid to a school not within his home.
    Done with this show.

  • Missing Tim the Toolman

    Horrible season 3 opener. It jumped right back in with the politics, racism, and religion to complete its trifecta of turning off those of us that loved this show’s first season.

  • Me

    Republican gun-toting show. Not watching anymore.

  • RJ Moriconi

    Saw opener of season last night (9/22) — horrible show, the god stuff was gawd awful; the bi-lingual schooling got the shaft; elitism was praised; and the duck guys were in need of baths and soul/mind cleansing. A very, very poor episode. Hope those forthcoming will be better and more like the ones we’ve experienced in the past. Suggestion: fire the writers responsible for the 9/22/13 episode.

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