Seven weeks into Jay Leno’s Tonight Show 2.0 and his ratings trend is eerily similar to Conan O’Brien’s. Jay’s beaten David Letterman’s Late Show all seven weeks, but so did Conan’s Tonight Show after seven weeks.

While Jay took over the Tonight Show for the second time on March 1, 2010 and Conan took the Tonight Show on June 1, 2009, once you line up their  ratings by week number instead of by date the trends look awfully similar.

Jeff Zucker turned his network inside out to put Jay back at 11:30 and this is what he got?

Conan/Letterman 2009 week 1 ended 6/5/09. Leno/Letterman 2010 week 1 ended 3/5/10.

The Conan/Letterman 2009 ratings chart doesn’t include the week the Tonight Show was in repeats prior to the Winter Olympics.

Combined chart idea from our frequent commenter “Lurker”.

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