In its Monday premiere, TBS’ George Lopez show, “Lopez Tonight” averaged 1.7 million viewers on TBS (3.2 million total including the simulcast on TNT and truTV).    The simulcast across multiple networks was only for the premiere. On Tuesday, it dropped down to 1.4 million, Wednesday it hit a TBS high with 2 million viewers and Thursday it hit is low with 1.3 million. James Hibberd has some analysis on week 1 and suggests the show is holding up OK.

By way of comparison to what TBS was airing from 11p-12A last week:

Monday 11p : “My Name is Earl” (1.166 million)

Monday 11:30p “My Name is Earl” (981,000)

Tuesday 11p:  “Seinfeld” (931,000)

Tuesday 11:3op: “Seinfeld”  (1.045 million)

Wednesday 11P: Seinfeld (1.135 million)

Wednesday 11:30p Seinfeld (942,000)

Thursday 11p: “Seinfeld” (843,000)

Thursday 11:30p Seinfeld (926,000)

The good news is it easily bested 10+ year old “Seinfeld” reruns and  “My Name Is Earl” reruns  in a heavily promoted first week.   If  “Lopez Tonight”  improves or merely retains the margins it held over reruns in the first week a couple of months down the road, TBS will surely claim success.    But I wouldn’t be looking for any press releases from TBS declaring George Lopez the new king of late night.

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