I love a good brawl, but when both sides of the brawl involve the same person, it gets especially interesting.  That’s what happened last week when Nick at Night moved reruns of The George Lopez Show to air head-to-head against George Lopez’ new late night show on TBS, Lopez Tonight.

It’s not every day you get to write that George Lopez seriously got his ass kicked by…George Lopez. 

Keep in mind that this is just in average viewers and not in the demographics, and that you can’t  put too much stock in  holiday weeks, but last week the best Lopez Tonight outing was on Wednesday where it averaged 1.59 million viewers between 11p-12p.

Over on Nick at Night in that exact same hour, two reruns of The George Lopez Show combined to  average 2.58 million viewers.  So at least in average viewers, the Lopez sitcom reruns bested the Lopez late night talk show by almost a million viewers or around 62 percent.

The good news for George Lopez (Lopez Tonight version) is that scheduling appeared to be a one-time thing for Nick at Night, perhaps due to the holiday week.  The sitcom reruns did not go head-to-head with the talk show in the previous week, and looking at the current week’s schedule, there’s no head-to-head scheduling this week either.

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