Here’s how Showtime president David Nevins put it Monday when he announced the premiere date for the revival of “Twin Peaks”: “It’s really happening.”

Fans of the show who have been wondering what happened to Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) and the rest of the show’s characters for a quarter century or so — and more than two years since Showtime announced the revival — finally have a date to put the the show’s return: May 21, 2017. That’s 25 years and 345 days after the last episode aired on ABC.

What’s more, “Twin Peaks” will run for 18 episodes on Showtime, twice as many episodes as the channel initially announced way back in October 2014.

Considering the original show ran for just 32 episodes on ABC in 1990 and ’91, the 18-episode commitment is a hefty one. Nevins said at the TCA winter press tour that co-creator and director David Lynch filmed the entire season as a long movie, so the decision as to how to divide the show into episodes took a bit of time.

Lynch, co-creator Mark Frost and Showtime settled on “18 unforgettable hours,” Nevins says.

The first two of those hours will air back-to-back on May 21. Episodes 3 and 4 will be available digitally immediately following the premiere, but after that the show will run in a traditional weekly pattern — all the better for the deluge of thinkpieces and fan theorizing that are sure to follow every episode.

Nevins of course won’t rule out the possibility of more episodes following these 18, but he’s also not counting on that happening. The new season “is designed to be a one-time, close-ended event,” Nevins says.

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