disclaimer:  this is a press release!  Number of streams without average minutes viewed per stream doesn’t mean much.  These numbers are for ABC.com only and do not include any viewing on Hulu.

Surging 78% in Unique Visitors Over the Prior Month,
ABC.com is the No. 1 Online Broadcast Site for January 2011

ABC.com Owns 7 of the Top 10 Spots in Unique Viewers for the Month, Including the Only Freshman Series with “Mr. Sunshine”

ABC’s “The Bachelor” is January 2011’s No. 1 Program in Total Streams

According to the latest data from Nielsen VideoCensus for January 2011, ABC.com was up a resounding 78% in Unique Viewers over the previous month (4.8 million UVs vs. 2.7 million UVs). For the month of January, ABC.com stood as the No. 1 online broadcast site in Unique Viewers, beating CBS Television by 17% (4.1 million UVs), NBC.com by 50% (3.2 million UVs), Fox Broadcasting by 118% (2.2 million UVs) and Cwtv.com by 622% (664,000 UVs).

Program Highlights – Unique Viewers (January ‘11)

For viewing of full episodes and short-form content, ABC.com owned the most number of spots in the Top 10 with 7 during January ’11, including the No. 1 series with “The Bachelor” and the only freshman series with “Mr. Sunshine.” In fact, CBS, NBC and Fox claimed just 1 spot each among the month’s top 10 programs in Unique Viewers.

  • ABC.com’s Top 10 entries include “The Bachelor” (No. 1 – 1.062 million Unique Viewers), “V” (No. 3 – 771,000 UVs), “Mr. Sunshine” (No. 4 – 711,000 UVs), “Modern Family” (No. 5 – 706,000 UVs), “Grey’s Anatomy” (No. 7 – 585,000 UVs), “General Hospital” (No. 8 – 534,000 UVs) and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (No. 9 – 521,000 UVs).

Program Highlights – Total Streams (January ‘11)

For Total Streams, ABC.com claimed 4 of the Top 5 entries in January ‘11, including the No. 1 program with “The Bachelor” (18.3 million).

  • The rest of Top 10 in Total Streams include “Grey’s Anatomy” (No. 3 – 11.2 million TS), “Modern Family” (No. 4 – 9.0 million TS) and “Desperate Housewives” (No. 5 – 8.6 million TS).

Broadcast Network Websites – Unique Viewers (January ‘11)

Name Unique Viewers

No. 1 ABC.com                                        4.8 million

No. 2 CBS Television                                 4.1 million

No. 3 NBC.com                                        3.2 million

No. 4 Fox Broadcasting                                2.2 million

No. 5 Cwtv.com                                       664,000

Top 10 Programs – Unique Viewers (January ‘11)

Program Net Unique Viewers

No. 1 The Bachelor             ABC                  1.062 million

No. 2 Saturday Night Live       NBC                  924,000

No. 3 V                         ABC                    771,000

No. 4 Mr. Sunshine             ABC                    711,000

No. 5 Modern Family           ABC                    706,000

No. 6 American Idol             FOX                    628,000

No. 7 Grey’s Anatomy            ABC                    585,000

No. 8 General Hospital          ABC                    534,000

No. 9 Extreme Makeover: Home    ABC                    521,000

No.10 Late Show                       CBS                    497,000

Top 10 Programs – Total Streams (January ‘11)

Program Net Total Streams

No. 1  The Bachelor             ABC                  18.3 million

No. 2  Young and the Restless   CBS                  13.1 million

No. 3  Grey’s Anatomy           ABC                  11.2 million

No. 4  Modern Family            ABC                  9.0 million

No. 5  Desperate Housewives          ABC                  8.6 million

No. 6  NCIS                     CBS                  7.5 million

No. 7  Hawaii Five-0           CBS                  6.1 million

No. 8T Saturday Night Live      NBC                  6.0 million

No. 8T Days of Our Lives        NBC                  6.0 million

No. 10 How I Met Your Mother    CBS                  5.2 million

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Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus, January 2011

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