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Last night’s ARROW held even with last week in both A18-34 (0.8/3) and A18-49 (0.9/3), while rising +40% among W18-34 (0.7/3) and +14% in W18-49 (0.8/2). ARROW also gained slightly week to week in total viewers (2.63M).

ARROW was #2 (tie) in M18-34 (1.0/4) in the hour.

THE 100 hit season highs in all key demos last night, jumping +25% week to week in A18-34 (0.5/2), +20% in A18-49 (0.6/2), and +25% in W18-34 (0.5/2). It was THE 100’s best A18-49 rating since 6/4/14, and its best M18-34 (0.6/2) rating since its series premiere in March.


For the night, The CW’s Wednesday rose +17% in A18-34 (0.7/3) over last week, +20% in W18-34 (0.6/2), and was even in A18-49 (0.7/2). The CW beat both NBC and Fox for the night in M18-34 (0.8/3).

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