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NEW YORK – January 16, 2013 – We’ve all heard of extreme makeovers and extreme diets…but extreme parenting? Bravo Media announced today that it has greenlit “Extreme Guide to Parenting,” (working title), a new series following parents who practice unique styles of raising their children. Each episode will give a candid inside look at two separate households with very different forms of parenting — and each family strongly believes their methods are the perfect model for raising successful children.




Some extreme parenting techniques include:





  • Attachment: Parents who breastfeed their children until age four…or older.
  • Helicopter: Parents so protective they use disguises to monitor their offspring’s every move.
  • Fiercely Competitive: Parents who enroll their children in Mandarin Chinese courses before they can spell.
  • Free-Range: Parents who believe saying “no” to their child is equivalent to corporal punishment.
  • New Age: Parents who raise their children with techniques that complement their child’s aura.




“Whether you have kids or you’re stuck next to the screaming child on a plane, judging other people’s parenting is a guilty pleasure. We all love to do it,” said Eli Lehrer, Vice President of Development for Bravo. “The series explores all manners of eccentric ways parents raise their kids, and we’ll let the viewer be the judge of how they’re doing.”




The parents featured on the show are confident in their methods, no matter how unorthodox. But don’t let the initial outrageousness fool you: these parents love their kids.




Produced by Punched In The Head with Craig D’Entrone and Amelia D’Entrone serving as executive producers.

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