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 LOS ANGELES Aug. 24, 2011 — CBS announced today that two former Survivors, Ozzy Lusth and Benjamin “Coach” Wade, will join the 16 previously announced castaways on SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC when the Emmy Award-winning series returns for its 23rd season with a special 90-minute edition, Wednesday, Sept. 14 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Having never been awarded the title of Sole Survivor, Ozzy and “Coach” return to compete for the $1 million prize and a last shot at redemption.  Each one will join a separate tribe of new castaways at the start of the game, but it’s up to the tribe to decide if they will welcome the knowledge of an experienced veteran, or view these former castaways as a threat in the ultimate battle to outwit, outplay and outlast.

Full list of castaways competing on SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC (in alphabetical order):

Ozzy Lusth                                                                  Benjamin “Coach” Wade

Age: 29                                                                        Age: 39

Current Residence: Venice, Calif                                   Current Residence: Susanville, Calif.

Tribe:  Savaii                                                                Tribe: Upolu


SAVAII:                                                                     UPOLU:

Mark Caruso                                                             Sophie Clarke

Age: 48                                                                        Age: 22

Current Residence: Forest Hills, N.Y.                                       Current Residence: Willsboro, N.Y.

Occupation: Retired NYPD Detective                                       Occupation: Medical Student


John Cochran                                                             Albert Destrade

Age: 24                                                                        Age: 26

Current Residence: Washington D.C.                            Current Residence: Plantation, Fla.

Occupation: Harvard Law Student                                Occupation: Baseball/Dating Coach


Whitney Duncan                                                        Brandon Hantz

Age: 27                                                                        Age: 19

Current Residence: Nashville, Tenn.                              Current Residence: Katy, Texas

Occupation: Country Music Singer                                Occupation: Oil Tanker Crewman


Dawn Meehan                                                           Edna Ma

Age: 41                                                                        Age: 35

Current Residence: South Jordan, Utah                                     Current Residence: Los Angeles

Occupation: English Professor                                                   Occupation: Anesthesiologist


Jim Rice                                                                     Christine Shields Markoski 

Age: 35                                                                        Age: 39

Current Residence: Denver                                           Current Residence: Merrick, N.Y.

Occupation: Medical Marijuana Dispenser                    Occupation: Teacher


Semhar Tadesse                                                       Rick Nelson

Age: 24                                                                        Age: 51

Current Residence: Los Angeles                                    Current Residence: Aurora, Utah

Occupation: Spoken Word Artist                                  Occupation: Rancher


Keith Tollefson                                                          Stacey Powell

Age: 26                                                                        Age: 44

Current Residence: Edina, Minn.                                   Current Residence: Dallas

Occupation: Water Treatment Tech                               Occupation: Mortician


Elyse Umemoto                                                          Mikayla Wingle                                

Age: 27                                                                        Age: 22

Current Residence: Las Vegas                                                  Current Residence: Tampa, Fla.

Occupation: Dance Team Manager                               Occupation: Lingerie Football Player

SURVIVOR: SOUTH PACIFIC is hosted by Emmy Award-winning host Jeff Probst and produced by SEG, Inc.  Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst and David Burris are executive producers and Leisa Francis is co-executive producer.

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