Those folks at CBS are such kidders! It’s more of the CBS network smack talk we love!

I wish the TV networks would take more shots at each other like this. 😉

via press release:

This New Local Market Campaign, “Project Late Prime Enhanced News Opportunity,”

Targets Boosting CBS Stations’ 10 PM, ET/PT Viewership

No joke – CBS announced to its affiliates that it is launching “Project L.E.N.O.” – an aggressive multi-tiered local market campaign (Late Prime Enhanced News Opportunity), designed to boost its stations’ 10:00 PM, ET/PT viewership and flow into late local news in the new season.

The Network is providing a full “tool kit” of materials to stations to promote the 10:00 PM hour.  Opportunities include sponsorable broadcast spots and behind-the-scenes vignettes, sponsorable web banners and tagable radio spots.   The package also includes an affiliate swap spot to promote the 10:00 PM hour.

“As the face of network television changes this Fall, ‘Project L.E.N.O.’ will help our stations capitalize on this opportunity in the 10:00 PM hour,” said George Schweitzer, President, CBS Marketing Group.  “Our Marketing Group loves acronyms…and ‘Project L.E.N.O.’ says it all.”

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