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CBS Posts Biggest Lifts of Any Network in Both Viewers and Adults 18-49


L+7 Playback Extends CBS’s Premiere Week Viewer Advantage and Moves Network into Second Place in Adults 18-49


CBS Up +1% in Viewers, +2% in Adults 25-54 and Even in Adults 18-49 Compared to Premiere Week Last Year


“The Big Bang Theory,” “Elementary,” “Person of Interest,” “NCIS” and “Blue Bloods”  Post Series-Best Live +7-Day Lifts


Both Episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” Surpass “Sunday Football” as Premiere Week’s Top Shows in Viewers and Adults 18-49


Freshman Comedy “The Crazy Ones” Among Playback Leaders


            CBS posted the largest premiere week live plus 7-day DVR playback lifts of any network in viewers and key demographics, as the Network’s series saw significant audience increases, according to Nielsen live plus 7-day ratings.

Compared to L+7-day audience totals for last year, CBS was up +1% in viewers increasing its audience to 12.98 million viewers for the week from 12.83m last year.  Among adults 25-54, CBS was up +2% (4.1 from 4.0) and even in adults 18-49 (3.1).


CBS posted the largest premiere week lifts of any network in viewers (+2.60m, +25%), adults 18-49 (+0.9, +41%) and adults 25-54 (+1.1, +37%).

With L+7 playback, CBS increased its weekly premiere live plus same day advantage over second place NBC’s programs from 670,000 viewers to +1.57 million viewers and moved into in second place  in adults 18-49 (tie, ABC).


THE BIG BANG THEORY, ELEMENTARY, PERSON OF INTEREST, NCIS and BLUE BLOODS all posted series-best live +7-day playback lifts.


In addition, THE BIG BANG THEORY (S), THE BIG BANG THEORY and NCIS moved ahead of  “Sunday Night Football” in viewers while both episodes of THE BIG BANG THEORY (S) surpassed “Sunday Night Football” to become the week’s top programs in viewers and adults 18-49.


Among viewers, CBS had 12 of the top 20 programs with the most lift.  Overall, CBS programs averaged a lift of +2.6 million viewers, more than any other network and up +25% from premiere week live same day averages.


L+SD              Lift                  L+7                 %

1    BIG BANG THEORY (s)            20.44m            +5.71m            26.15m            +28%

3    BIG BANG THEORY                 18.99m            +5.17m            24.16m            +27%

5    ELEMENTARY                           10.18m            +4.92m            15.10m            +48%

7    NCIS                                             20.02m            +4.65m            24.67m            +23%

10  PERSON OF INTEREST            12.44m            +4.32m            16.76m            +35%

12  THE CRAZY ONES                    15.52m            +4.21m            19.73m            +27%

14  CRIMINAL MINDS                   11.27m            +3.60m            14.87m            +32%

15  BLUE BLOODS                          11.70m            +3.57m            15.27m            +31%

16  HOSTAGES                                   7.41m            +3.56m            10.97m            +48%

18  CSI                                                  9.12m            +3.38m            12.50m            +37%

19  HAWAII 5-0                                  9.46m            +3.17m            12.63m            +33%

20  THE MENTALIST                         9.70m            +3.15m            12.85m            +33%

Among adults 18-49, CBS had nine of the top 20 programs, including the top two.  CBS programs averaged an adult 18-49 lift of +0.9, more than any other network and up +41% from premiere week live plus same day.


ADULTS 18-49

L+SD              Lift                  L+7                 %

1    BIG BANG THEORY                 6.1                   +2.5                 8.6                   +41%

2    BIG BANG THEORY                 5.5                   +2.3                 7.8                   +42%

9    THE CRAZY ONES                    3.9                   +1.5                 5.4                   +38%

10  ELEMENTARY                           2.1                   +1.4                 3.5                   +67%

11  CRIMINAL MINDS                   2.8                   +1.3                 4.1                   +46%

13  NCIS                                             3.6                   +1.2                 4.8                   +33%

13  HOSTAGES                                 1.8                   +1.2                 3.0                   +67%

20  2 BROKE GIRLS                        2.8                   +1.1                 3.9                   +39%

20  CSI                                                2.0                   +1.1                 3.1                   +55%


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