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Discovery Communications Posts Record Second Quarter Across Networks

June 30, 2009

(New York, N.Y.) Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, ID., Military Channel and Discovery Health experienced strong 2Q09 ratings growth across multiple demographics, driven by the success of new and returning series and specials.  Individual network claims are referenced below.

All Primetime Data based on 2Q09 vs. 2Q08 and Among All Ad-Supported Cable Unless Otherwise Noted

Best 2Q Ever:

  • among HH and M18-49;
  • on Tuesdays in P/M 25-54 and 18-49;
  • on Wednesdays and Thursdays in P18-49;
  • Top Ten network every night of the week among M 25-54 and 18-49;
  • “Deadliest Catch”: best 2Q ever for premieres in HH, P2+ and P/M/W 25-54 and 18-49, and #1 regular non-fiction cable series across all of primetime in P/M/W 25-54, P/M 18-49 and P18-34;
  • Gains across all key demos:

P2+              +4% (1.286k vs. 1.232k)
P25-54        +2% (697k vs. 685k)

M25-54        +3% (442k vs. 431k)


  • Best 2Q Ever on Mondays in P2+, P 25-54, 18-49 and 18-34, and W 18-49 and 18-34;
  • #1 network on Mondays in W 25-54, 18-49 and 18-34;
  • Ranked in Top Five in W18-49;
  • Premieres of newest hit “Cake Boss” rank among the Top Five in W25-54, P/W 18-34 and 18-49;
  • Gains across all key demos:

P2+               +26% (1036K vs. 820k)
P25-54         +21% (513k vs. 424k)
W25-54        +21% (336k vs. 277k)
P18-49         +20% (527k vs. 439k)
W18-49        +20% (354k vs. 296k)
W18-34        +24% (192k vs. 155k)


  • Best 2Q Total Day Ever among HH (313k), P25-54 (167k) and P18-49 (162k);
  • June marked nine consecutive months of year-over-year gains in P/M 25-54 and 18-49;
  • Best quarterly performance in more than five years among P18-49;
  • Best 2Q Ever in M25-54;
  • “Whale Wars,” which returned for season two on June 5, achieved double-digit gains vs. its last season average among HH, P/W 25-54 and P18-49, fueling the network to its best monthly Friday night ever among P/M 25-54 and 18-49;
  • Significant gains in key demos:

P2+               +9% (567k vs. 522k)
P25-54         +30% (255k vs. 196k)
M25-54         +69% (135k vs. 80k)
W25-54        +4% (120k vs. 115k)
P18-49         +31% (247k vs. 189k)


  • Best 2Q Ever in HH, P2+ and P/W 25-54;
  • June marked 17 consecutive months of year-over-year gains in HH (since launch in Jan. ’08).
  • Posted sizeable gains in the key demos:

P2+                +12% (189k vs. 169k)
P25-54          +7% (87k vs. 81k)
W25-54         +10% (53k vs. 48k)


  • June marked 10 consecutive months of year-over-year growth in P2+, HH’s and P18-34; 9 consecutive months in W25-54; 7 consecutive months in P/M 18-49;
  • Year-to-date, fastest growing network in HH (excludes kids and news);
  • Double-digit gains across the board:

P2+               +32% (180k vs. 136k)
P25-54         +21% (88k vs. 73k)
M25-54         +20% (59k vs. 49k)
P18-49         +27% (80k vs. 63k)
M18-49         +28% (55k vs. 43k)


  • Best 2Q Ever in HH and Women 25-54;
  • June marked 35 months of consecutive year-over-year growth in HHs and 10 months in W25-54;
  • 13 straight quarters of year-over-year gains in HH, and 12 straight quarters in P2+ and P25-54;
  • Increases across the board:

P2+              +23% (134k vs. 109k)
P25-54        +15% (55k vs. 48k)
M25-54        +11% (42k vs. 38k)
P18-49        +5% (46k vs. 44k)
M18-49        +6% (35k vs. 33k)


  • Best 2Q Ever in HH, P2+ and P/W 25-54;
  • June marked 4 consecutive months of double-digit year-over-year gains among W25-54 and HH;
  • 8th annual “Baby Week” (6/14-6/19) was the best “Baby Week” ever in HH (270k), P2+ (343k), P25-54 (167k) and W25-54 (130k);
  • Up across the board:

P2+               +7% (250k vs. 233k)
P25-54         +6% (123k vs. 116k)
W25-54        +13% (89k vs. 79k)
W18-49        +8% (82k vs. 76k)

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