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Discovery Examines the Costa Concordia Disaster in a World Premiere Special this Spring


(Silver Spring, Md.)  It looked like something conceived on a Hollywood soundstage but for the 4,200 passengers on board the Costa Concordia the events of Friday, January 13th were all too real and terrifying.  Now, Discovery Channel will dissect the anatomy of this devastating disaster at sea in a world premiere special airing this spring.


What happened at the time of the accident? Just what role did Captain Francesco Schettino play?  How did the crew evacuate the ship?  What are the mechanics of searching the site while safeguarding the waters against environmental damage?  And what lies next for the massive, unprecedented salvage mission.  Discovery goes beyond the breaking news and current headlines exploring whether salvage teams will even be able to save the ship and successfully dismantle its once mighty hull and frame.


Only hours after leaving port in Civitavecchia, outside of Rome, the luxury cruiseship ran aground just off Giglio Island.  With 11 confirmed dead and 23 passengers still missing, the Costa Concordia is a huge human disaster but in the months ahead, it will be marked by epic engineering challenges.  Discovery crews will be covering the teams charged with figuring out a way to salvage a shipping vessel larger than the Titanic.


“The world has been horrified and captivated by the real life drama of the Costa Concordia disaster.  With so many unanswered questions, Discovery will piece together not only the immediate events but the bigger story of what comes next in recovery and restoration,” said Nancy Daniels, EVP Production and Development for Discovery Channel.

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