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Pregame Coverage Begins with

Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by Sears at 6:00 PM ET

Deion Sanders 1-on-1 with Ravens LB Ray Lewis on Thursday Night Kickoff

Preview of Steve Mariucci Exclusive Sit Down with

Brett Favre on the Sprint Halftime Show

Complete Interview with Steve Mariucci & Brett Favre on

NFL GameDay Morning

Chargers QB Philip Rivers & TNT’s Charles Barkley Featured Guests on ‘The Rich Eisen Podcast’


The fifth season of Thursday Night Football kicks off at 6:00 PM ET with Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by SearsRich Eisen,Marshall FaulkSteve MariucciDeion Sanders and Kara Henderson are live on the scene at the Georgia Dome, while Fran Charles,Brian BillickJay GlazerKurt WarnerSterling Sharpe and Jason La Canfora provide additional analysis from Los Angeles. The two-hour pregame also includes:

  • Deion Sanders 1-on-1 interview with Ravens LB Ray Lewis
  • Preview of Steve Mariucci’s exclusive conversation with Vikings QB Brett Favre
  • Scott Hanson provides the latest report from the Dallas Cowboys training facility
  • The crew discusses Randy Moss’ potential impact on the Titans
  • Salute to soldiers on Veterans Day

The Sprint Halftime Show will also include footage from NFL Network’s Deion Sanders’ induction into the Falcons Ring of Honor as well as a preview of Mariucci’s sit down with Favre that will run in its entirety Sunday at 9:00 AM ET on NFL GameDay Morning.

THIS WEEK ON NFL GAMEDAY MORNING: Steve Mariucci Exclusive Interview with Brett Favre

Sunday is NFL GameDay on NFL Network, starting at 9:00 AM ET with NFL GameDay Morning. Host Rich Eisen joins Steve Mariucci,Marshall FaulkMichael Irvin and Warren Sapp for the first and most comprehensive pregame show every Sunday.

In an exclusive interview, Vikings QB Brett Favre sits down with his former quarterbacks coach and longtime friend Steve Mariucci for a revealing conversation on a variety of topics including his relationship with head coach Brad ChildressRandy Moss’ release and if he feels any regret on his decision to return this season.

  • ‘Sunday Sitdown’: Steve Mariucci 1-on-1 with Vikings QB Brett Favre
  • Kara Henderson reports from Chicago for Vikings-Bears
  • Jason La Canfora reports from Cleveland for Jets-Browns
  • Steve Wyche reports from Indianapolis for Bengals-Colts
  • Michael Lombardi reports from Miami for Titans-Dolphins
  • Albert Breer Bob Papa report from New Meadowlands Stadium for Cowboys-Giants
  • Discussion about Randy Moss’ potential impact in Tennessee

THIS WEEK ON AROUND THE LEAGUE and NFL TOTAL ACCESS: NFL VP of Officiating Carl Johnson, NFL Executive VP of Football Operations Ray Anderson, Joe Theismann & Matt Millen Preview Ravens-Falcons LIVE from Georgia Dome

Wednesday, November 10

NFL Total Access:

  • ‘Competition Committee’ segment with NFL VP of Officiating Carl Johnson
  • Interview with NFL Executive VP of  Football Operations Ray Anderson
  • Interview with TE Tony Gonzalez on Falcons Cam
  • Mike Keith from Titans Radio Network reports on the arrival of WR Randy Moss
  • NFL Insider with Jason La Canfora

Thursday, November 11

Around the League: Thursday Night Football preview

  • Thursday Night Football game analysts Joe Theismann and Matt Millen preview Ravens-Falcons from the Georgia Dome
  • Rich EisenMarshall FaulkSteve Mariucci and Deion Sanders preview Ravens-Falcons from the Georgia Dome
  • Kara Henderson reports from the Georgia Dome

Friday, November 12

NFL Total Access:

  • Recap of Ravens-Falcons and preview of Sunday’s Week 10 matchups
  • NFL Insider with Albert Breer

THIS WEEK ON PLAYBOOK: A Look at Ravens-Falcons, Jets-Browns, Cowboys-Giants, Vikings-Bears, Eagles-Redskins, Rams-49ers, Patriots-Steelers, Titans-Dolphins and Bengals-Colts Matchups

Wednesday 6:00 PM ET – Playbook with Sterling Sharpe, Mike Mayock and Brian Baldinger:

  • How the Browns are taking down the league’s top teams
  • Why the Falcons can beat the Ravens on Thursday Night Football.

Friday 6:00 PM ET – NFC Playbook with Solomon Wilcots, Michael Lombardi and Brian Baldinger:

  • How the Giants can prove they are best team in the NFC
  • How Vikings can continue their resurrection by the beating the Bears
  • How Michael Vick can keep the Eagles offense rolling
  • Why the Rams could run into trouble against the 49ers

Saturday at 6:00 PM ET – AFC Playbook with Solomon Wilcots, Michael Lombardi and Brian Baldinger:

  • How the Steelers can dominate the Patriots defense
  • How the Titans can shut down the Dolphins offense
  • Why the Jets won’t fall victim to the Browns
  • How the Colts can bounce back against the Bengals

Episode #9 of ‘The Rich Eisen Podcast’ Features Interviews with Chargers QB Philip Rivers and TNT’s Charles Barkley

NFL Network host Rich Eisen posted another entertaining podcast this week, featuring interviews with Chargers QB Philip Rivers, TNT’sCharles Barkley and ESPN’S Bill Simmons. Rivers discussed the Chargers receiving corps and getting Vincent Jackson back into the fold, while Barkley, an Auburn alum, weighed in on the situation surrounding Tigers QB Cam Newton. Simmons and Eisen preview Week 10 in the NFL and chat about the circumstances surrounding Simmons’ breaking the story of Randy Moss being traded from New England to Minnesota.

For more information on ‘The Rich Eisen Podcast,’ please visit or go to iTunes to download the latest episode.

THIS WEEK ON NFL.COM: Season Debut of Thursday Night Football Presented by Applebees

Thursday, November 11

  • CHAT: Steve Wyche (12 NOON ET)
  • CHAT: Albert Breer (2:00 PM ET)
  • 8:00 PM ET – Thursday Night Football Presented by Applebees:

A live show throughout Ravens vs. Falcons with “live look-ins” of the action, reports from Kara Henderson and Steve Wyche on the field covering both teams, in-game highlights and analysis from Paul BurmeisterJamie Dukes and Bucky Brooks in Los Angeles, plus ‘Instant Playbook’ from NFL Network’s Mike Mayock at NFL Films.

Friday, November 12

  • CHAT: Fantasy Focus (12 NOON ET)
  • CHAT: Vic Carucci (2:00 PM ET)

Sunday, November 14

  • 11:30 AM ET – NFL Fantasy LIVE with Michelle BeisnerMichael Fabiano and Dave Dameshek delivers the most up to date information for your fantasy team to have a record-setting day.


Wednesday, November 10

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

8:00 PM – NFL Replay: Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles (HD)

9:15 PM – NFL Replay: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons (HD)

10:30 PM – Sound FX: 2010, Week 9 (HD)

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

12 MIDNIGHT – Playbook (HD)

Thursday, November 11

12 NOON – Playbook (HD)

1:00 PM – NFL Replay: Indianapolis Colts vs. Philadelphia Eagles (HD)

2:15 PM – NFL Replay: Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Atlanta Falcons (HD)

3:30 PM – Sound FX: 2010, Week 9 (HD)

4:00 PM – Around the League (HD) – LIVE

6:00 PM – Thursday Night Kickoff Presented by Sears (HD) – LIVE

8:00 PM – Thursday Night Football: Baltimore Ravens at Atlanta Falcons (HD) – LIVE

11:30 PM – Kay Jewelers Postgame Show (HD) – LIVE

12 MIDNIGHT – NFL Total Access: Postgame recap of Ravens vs. Falcons

Friday, November 12

1:00 PM – Sound FX: Rex Ryan (HD)

1:30 PM – Sound FX: 2010, Week 9 (HD)

2:00 PM – America’s Game: 2000 Baltimore Ravens (HD)

3:00 PM – America’s Game: 2001 New England Patriots (HD)

4:00 PM – Around the League (HD) – LIVE

6:00 PM – Playbook: NFC (HD)

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

8:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Uniforms (HD)

9:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Clutch Quarterbacks

10:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Coaches Who Belonged in College

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

Saturday, November 13

10:00 AM – Playbook: NFC (HD)

11:00 AM – Playbook: AFC (HD)

12 NOON – NFL Films Presents: Not Gonna Be Pretty (HD)

12:30 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Uniforms (HD)

1:30 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Clutch Quarterbacks

2:30 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Coaches Who Belonged in College

3:30 PM – Sound FX: Rex Ryan (HD)

4:00 PM – Sound FX: 2010, Week 9 (HD)

4:30 PM – NFL Films Presents (HD)

5:00 PM – Playbook: NFC (HD)

6:00 PM – Playbook: AFC (HD)

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

8:30 PM – Sound FX: 2010, Week 9 (HD)

9:00 PM – Sound FX: Rex Ryan (HD)

9:30 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Most-Feared Tacklers

10:30 PM – The NFL Season: A Biography – Episode 2 (HD)

11:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

Sunday, November 14

‘NFL GameDay’

9:00 AM – NFL GameDay Morning (HD)

1:00 PM – NFL GameDay StatZone (HD)

4:00 PM – NFL GameDay Scoreboard (HD)

7:30 PM – NFL GameDay Highlights (HD)

11:30 PM – NFL GameDay Overtime (HD)

12 MIDNIGHT – NFL GameDay Final (HD)

Monday, November 15

3:00 PM – NFL Replay Real-Time: 2010, Week 10 (HD)

4:00 PM – Around the League (HD) – LIVE

6:00 PM – Up to the Minute (HD)

6:30 PM – The Coaches Show (HD)

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

8:30 PM – The Coaches Show (HD)

9:00 PM – America’s Game: 1989 San Francisco 49ers (HD)

10:00 PM – The Coaches Show (HD)

10:30 PM – America’s Game: Missing Rings – 1990 Buffalo Bills (HD)

11:30 PM – NFL Total Access: Monday Night Football Pressers (HD)

Tuesday, November 16

12 NOON – NFL Replay Real-Time: 2010, Week 10 (HD)

1:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Uniforms (HD)

2:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Clutch Quarterbacks

3:00 PM – NFL’s Top 10: Most-Feared Tacklers

4:00 PM – Around the League (HD) – LIVE

6:00 PM – Playbook (HD)

7:00 PM – NFL Total Access (HD)

Field Pass Block (8:00-11:00 PM ET)

8:00 PM – NFL Replay (HD)

9:15 PM – NFL Replay (HD)

10:30 PM – Sound FX: Bill Parcells (HD)

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