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Plus: Check out exclusive content on and YouTube, like Gene’s Whatsoever and Shirley Says!
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Forever Young” chronicles five seniors over 70 – Lou, Emileen, Eugene, Shirley and Arthur – and five “juniors” under 30 – Mike, Christian, Andree, Sam and Angelina – as they embark on a journey to try to identify with the other generation while living in the same house. Teaching seniors how to master the techniques of beer pong and explaining to juniors that you can’t zoom in on a paper map may be more difficult than originally thought. Will the generation gap prove too big to cross with attitudes like “I can’t learn anything from you” flowing freely in the house?
Exclusive content throughout the season will be posted on and TV Land’s YouTube channel, highlighting featurettes like “Meet the Cast” videos, extended scenes, reunions between the cast members and even a special web series (“Shirley Says”) dedicated to one of the seniors! Be sure to keep up with the show on Facebook and Twitter for news of more cast member appearances.
The episodes will air as follows:
“Bridging the Gap”
Wednesday, April 3rd at 10pm ET/PT
5 juniors under 30 and 5 seniors over 70 discover they’ll be living together in an experiment designed to bridge the generation gap.
“The Hunt”
Wednesday, April 3rd at 10:30pm ET/PT
Using the other generation’s technology, the juniors and seniors compete in a photo-scavenger hunt, and one junior decides to reveal her biggest secret.
“Food Fight”
Wednesday, April 10th at 10pm ET/PT
Divided into the teams that mix young and old, the housemates battle in a food truck challenge to see which team can make the most money – only to find that each generation approaches business very differently.
“Date Night”
Wednesday, April 17th at 10pm ET/PT
The juniors and seniors partner up to give relationship advice for an online dating challenge.
“Party in Palm Springs”
Wednesday, April 24th at 10pm ET/PT
The fun moves over to Palm Springs where the juniors and seniors get some good old rest and relaxation!
“What Happens in Vegas”
Wednesday, May 1st at 10pm ET/PT
Though the housemates think they are heading to Vegas to gamble and party, there’s a surprise waiting for them at the end of the day that causes them to reflect on their experiences together and make a life-changing decision.
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