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Academy Award® winner Mary Steenburgen will make a guest starring appearance in “Compassion,” the first of two back-to-back episodes of WILFRED airing this Thursday night at 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM ET/PT only on FX. Mary stars as “Catherine,” Ryan’s (Elijah Wood) free-spirited and frequently absent mother. When Catherine approaches Ryan for emotional support, he realizes that mother and son are much more alike than he imagined. Thursday’s episodic loglines are as follows:

Ep. #9 – “Compassion” (Airs 8/18 @ 10 PM) – Ryan’s resentment of his eccentric mother is exacerbated when Wilfred starts treating her like the mum he never had. Special Guest Star – Mary Steenburgen. Written by Patricia Breen; directed by Victor Nelli, Jr.

Ep. #10 – “Isolation” (Airs 8/18 @ 10:30 PM) – Wilfred uses Ryan’s unhealthy habit of isolating as a means to rid himself of a neighborhood pest. Written by Steve Baldikoski & Bryan Behar; directed by Victor Nelli, Jr.


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