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— Two all new episodes of the spin off series ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO airing Saturday at 9PM ET/PT —

The eccentric antique shop, Loved to Death opens its doors to Science Channel for a second season of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO. The store’s colorful owner Audra, and her employee Wednesday, are joined by newcomer Lincoln to take on the eclectic customers and bizarre antiques that enter the Haight Street haven. From germaphobes to ancient artifacts, the ten brand new episodes of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO showcase the weird and wacky world of antiques.

This week, the cast of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO is on a quest for some rare and unique objects. In Take This Job and Skunk It! Audra decides what to do with A deceased skunk, Wednesday works on selling a mechanical hand and Lincoln meets an expert who has pierced everything imaginable! Later in One Bot, Two Bot, the ladies meet twins searching for a robot to join their daily duo.  After, Lincoln is probed with finding something to commemorate a customer’s anniversary but wants to do so with an unusual body part? Tune in for more this Saturday at 9PM ET/PT on Science Channel!

Take This Job and Skunk It! At Loved to Death, a biker comes in with a deceased skunk that he wants articulated, and it’s up to Audra to find someone to do it at the right price.  When she goes to her friend he agrees to give her a discount, but only if she agrees to help! Meanwhile, Wednesday shows off a prototype mechanical hand to a customer who had a bad time at Burning Man. Later, Lincoln meets a body modification expert who has pierced everything imaginable and he’s got stories to prove it!  But it is his ancient Peruvian skull that really has Lincoln freaking out.
One Bot, Two Bot: When identical twins stop by Loved To Death, Wednesday is asked to find a robot that the duo can use in their musical act. Her search takes her to a collector whose robots have names like Schizoid and Darwin. Meanwhile, Audra helps a customer looking to sell a quack hair growth device he found at a garage sale and she visits the Odd Fellows Lodge to view a hundred year old skeleton.  Lincoln has his hands full of pelvis when Kegel Kate stops in the shop looking for something to commemorate the anniversary of her musical performance using an unusual body part.

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