TNT’s Men of a Certain Age wrapped its first season on February 22, and its season finale adult 18-49 viewing increased to 1.7 million, a 37% increase over the live+SD (live plus same day DVR viewing)  numbers for the season finale.

For the season as a whole,  viewing for adults 18-49 was boosted by 40% over the Live+SD numbers.  That’s a pretty significant portion of its 18-49 viewing.   The boost wasn’t quite as high for adults 25-54, though there was still some significant DVR boosting.

Men of a Certain Age: Season Finale (Live + 7 vs. Live + SD):
Viewers: +36% to 3.6 million
Adults 18-49: +37% to 1.7 million
Adults 25-54:  +33% to 2.1 million

Men of a Certain Age: First Season Overall (Live + 7 vs. Live + SD):
Viewers: +31% to 4.2 million
Adults 18-49: +40% to 1.8 million
Adults 25-54:  +37% to 2.3 million

What’s any of that mean?  In terms of the show’s popularity, it means that viewers, adults 18-49, and adults 25-54 all increased measurably with the additional days of DVR viewing.   In terms of revenue, it probably doesn’t mean much since most DVR viewers skip most ads most of the time, and that remains a big challenge for all shows/networks to figure out.

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