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 Mid-Summer Classic Once Again Delivers as One of Summer’s Top Television Events

& Dominates All Prime Time Competition


Phoenix, AZ – The 82nd MLB ALL-STAR GAME delivered FOX a total audience of 25.9 million viewers and its best night in prime time since the American Idol finale in May.

According to figures released today by Nielsen Media Research, the All-Star Game remains one of the most powerful forces in prime time. Last night’s game delivered FOX a dominating win for the night among all Households, across every major male demographic and among Adults 18-34

The game registered a 6.9/12, with an average audience of 11.0 million viewers, -8% versus last year’s 7.5/13 and -9% in viewership decline compared to last year’s 12.1 million.

The All-Star Game remains one of the most prominent sports events of the spring and summer. Last night’s 6.9/12 beats the most recent ratings for the Kentucky Derby (6.7), the entire NCAA Tournament (6.4), Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (4.8) and the final round of the U.S. Open (4.5).

Host city Phoenix, due to its size, contributed fewer homes than last year’s far larger host city of Los Angeles.  Phoenix averaged a 10.6/19, and although that’s +23% better than the 8.6/17 LA posted last year, the huge difference in size between the two markets equates to a difference of 288,000 homes.

St. Louis topped all markets last night with a 17.8/28, marking the fourth straight year that St. Louis has been the top-rated city for the All-Star Game. Since 2003, St. Louis has been out-rated for the All-Star Game only once, by host city Pittsburgh in 2006. Philadelphia was the second highest-rated market at a 14.7/23, an +11% gain over last year’s 13.3/21. Markets with the biggest increases included host city Phoenix, +45% (10.6 vs. 7.3); Cleveland, +42% (9.5 vs. 6.7); Knoxville, +42% (4.7 vs. 3.3); San Francisco, +28% (11.1 vs. 8.7); Richmond, +23% (7.5 vs. 6.1); Pittsburgh, +21% (8.6 vs. 7.1); Greenville, +16% (8.6 vs. 7.4); Austin, +16% (5.7 vs. 4.9); Greensboro, +14% (8.3 vs. 7.3); and Philadelphia (see above).

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