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–Rentrak Announces Ratings for National Football Conference (NFC) Championship Game–

PORTLAND, OR (January 26, 2011) – Rentrak Corporation (NASDAQ: RENT), the leader in multi-screen media measurement and the only company in America measuring all 210 TV markets with daily television audience data, today announced TV ratings based on data collected from thousands of televisions for both the Green Bay and Chicago markets for viewership during the NFC championship game.

Rentrak’s millions of set-top-boxes nationwide continuously report on the TV programs that the American viewer watches 365 days a year in every market.  Information collected by Rentrak comparing viewing in the Green Bay and Chicago markets show that the NFC telecast had a household rating of 59.5% in the Green Bay market with an 85.0 share and a rating of 48.2% in Chicago with a share of 75.7.

The NFC game had a Stickiness Index of 267 in Green Bay and 195 in Chicago when compared to the top-50 telecasts with runtimes two hours or longer showing at the same time. The Stickiness Index is a metric that ranks the top-performing programs of similar durations based not only on the size of the audience, but also the level of viewer engagement. Programs with the most engaged viewers will have higher Stickiness Indexes indicating that more of the audience is tuned-in for the duration of the program.

The scale for the Stickiness Index is the average “stickiness” of all contemporaneous, top-50 telecasts of 120 minutes or longer in each of the markets. In Green Bay, the average stickiness was 20.3 with the NFC game at 54.1 making the index 267 (54.1/20.3 x 100). Similarly in Chicago, the average stickiness was 24.3 and the game itself had a stickiness of 47.4 for an index of 195 (47.3/24.3 x 100).

Rentrak’s Ad Retention Index (ARI) computed an ARI in the Green Bay market for the NFC telecast of 97.4 while Chicago had an ARI for the NFC telecast of 95.4. The Ad Retention Index is a quantitative measure of a program’s ability to retain its audience during the commercial breaks and is defined as the ratio of the commercial audience to the entire program’s audience.

(The “Viewing Index” is the ratio of the second-by-second rating to the average rating of the entire telecast).

About Rentrak Corporation

Rentrak (NASDAQ: RENT) is a global digital media measurement and research company, serving the most recognizable companies in the entertainment industry. With a reach across numerous platforms including box office, multi-screen television, and home video, Rentrak has developed more efficient metrics to be used as alternative currencies for the evaluation and selling of media. Rentrak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, with additional U.S. and international offices. For more information on Rentrak, please visit

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