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Operation Wild Season 2
Premieres on Planet Green Friday, November 5, at 9 PM (ET)

Planet Green’s original docu-series, OPERATION WILD is back for a second season and premieres on Friday, November 5 at 9PM/ET. OPERATION WILD takes viewers on an all-access ride-along with an elite collection of maverick officers from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) as they tackle environmental crimes and emergencies.  Fully-armed and supported by their arsenal of air boats, ATVs, helicopters, and four-wheel drives, the FWC team patrols Florida’s land, water and air capturing wild crocodiles, dealing with drunken-sailors and handling swamp rescues.
Operation Wild Season 2

Episode Guide (10 x 60)
Season World Premiere: Friday, November 5, at 9 PM (ET)
New Premieres Every Friday at 9 PM (ET)

Operation Wild – Episode One
World Premiere – Friday, November 5 (9PM/ET)

When an 8-foot long crocodile terrorizes a family and its pets, the Florida Fishing and Wildlife Commission’s Officer Eric Steinmetz is dispatched to the scene.  Steinmetz is forced to call upon past lessons from his 22 years of experience in order to trap the croc – which refuses to  fall for any of the usual traps.

Next, Officer Racquel Daniels responds to a call involving a group of drunken sailors living on a sailboat who may be disposing their waste directly into the ocean. The plot thickens when  Daniels discovers one of the men has an outstanding warrant for his arrest and must be taken in.

Finally, when a woman goes missing for days in the rugged back roads of the Florida swampland, Officer Clinton Bean must use his off-road driving and hunting experience to track her down before time runs out on her survival.

Operation Wild – Episode Two
World Premiere – Friday, November 5 (9:30PM/ET)

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico was one of the worst environmental disasters ever to occur in the U.S. To combat this catastrophe, the FWC is enlisted to protect Florida’s fragile ecosystem. While working outside her usual Jacksonville beat to help locate spill-affected areas, Officer Dana Klein gets a call for a possible suicide jumper at a nearby bridge. Could there be a possible connection to the oil spill?

Hundreds of miles to the East, Officer Clinton Bean witnesses the ramifications of the oil spill first-hand, as he deals renegade watermen who illegally jump the official start date of the scallop season, in order to avoid oil contamination.

Back in the Everglades, FWC rookie Tommy Van Trees heads to a nuisance gator call. Later, is confronted by the effects of the spill while working as part of a team to release rescued baby sea turtles back into the wild.

Operation Wild – Episode Three
World Premiere – Friday, November 12 (9PM/ET)

Lobster harvesting is a billion-dollar industry, and the Florida Keys are a hotbed in this worldwide industry. During the two-day lobster mini-season, anyone with a fishing license can harvest six lobsters per day. However, the temptation of over-fishing is always present – and top of mind to Officer Jimmy Johnson. After indentifying a suspicious boat and scuba diver, Officer Johnson embarks on an underwater chase and a search for evidence that could send the suspects straight to jail.

Later, members of FWC go covert, as Officer Dana Klein lets down her hair and goes undercover to catch a group of lobster poachers and Officer Eric Steinmetz disguises himself to catch two men who are illegally spearing lobster in a marine sanctuary.

Operation Wild – Episode Four
World Premiere – Friday, November 12 (9:30PM/ET)

Protecting Florida’s animals and wildlife is the top priority of the FWC and its officers – and they will do just about anything to uphold their oath. That’s where Robo-Deer comes in.  Officer Clinton Bean breaks out a robotic deer meant to ensnare potential off-season poachers. If anyone spots Robo-Deer and shoots, they earn a guaranteed trip to jail.

Also, in this episode, Officer Dana Klein’s patience is tested by an unruly group of drunkards and Officer Tyler Harrison releases an endangered manatee, back into its natural habitat.

Operation Wild – Episode Five
World Premiere – Friday, November 19 (9PM/ET)

Officer Eric Steinmetz provides field training to FWC rookie, Aja Vickers, who then must respond to his first call to retrieve a crocodile out of someone’s backyard swimming pool.

Last year, Officer Steinmetz trained Racquel Daniels, but now she now is patrolling her own boat. Daniels is tested when she stops a fisherman who may be illegally catching snapper.

Only six months on the beat, Officer Tommy Van Trees is still considered green. In this episode, he must respond to a possible rattlesnake call – and he is well aware that when snakes bite, they don’t care if you’re a veteran or rookie.

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