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Author Herman Williams Joins Host Trisha Goddard


STAMFORD – May 7, 2013 –Trisha tackles explosive issues surrounding race when she sits down with race haters as well as guests who are ashamed to be black.


In the episode airing Wednesday, May 8, Trisha talks to Laverne who is at odds with her son Devonte because he only dates Asian women.  Laverne is outraged and wants her son to only be with Black women.  Then Trisha’s next guest Chastity confronts her Aunt Tye who strongly disapproves of interracial dating.  Tye doesn’t agree with Chasity being with Black men, and she won’t acknowledge Chasity’s biracial children


“It says in the bible we aren’t supposed to mix tribes,” said Chastity’s Aunt Tye.


And later, 13-year-old Cazimere talks to Trisha about why she hates being Black and will never accept her race.


Trisha is also joined by author Herman Williams, brother to Montel Williams, who has a lot to share when it comes to issues surrounding race.


“Black people I think are the most racist people in this country,” commented author Herman Williams.

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