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Nine-Hour Marathon Features Peyton & Lucas-Themed Episodes


Say so long to summer by celebrating the rocky romance of Peyton and Lucas. The “One Tree Hill Leyton Labor Day Marathon” airs Monday, September 5 from 11AM – 8PM on SOAPnet. Episodes:

11AM – Episode #2003-002 – “The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most”– As Peyton and Nathan’s relationship continues to deteriorate, Lucas starts to have more of a presence in her life. When Peyton doesn’t have the confidence to submit her drawings to a magazine, Lucas secretly does it for her.

12PM – Episode #2003-012 — “Crash Course in Polite Conversations” – Peyton has to identify a body that may be her father and Lucas comes along for support. When she gets the news that her dad has been found alive, Peyton’s relief turns into a passionate kiss with Lucas – and the two almost sleep together.

1PM – Episode #2003-015 — “Suddenly Everything Has Changed” – As he recovers from the accident, Lucas breaks up with a stunned Brooke so that he can be with Peyton. Neither he nor Peyton can bring themselves to tell Brooke they’re now together – unaware that she already knows.

2PM – Episode #2006-076 — “Some You Give Away” – Peyton is still stinging from Lucas’s non-reaction to her declaration of love. However, when the Ravens win the state championship, Lucas finally realizes that it’s Peyton he wants to be with when his dreams come true.

3PM — Episode #2006-079 – “Resolve” – Lucas and Peyton are on Cloud 9 as they finally have happiness in their relationship – and a romantic food fight.

4PM – Episode #2008-093 — “I Forgot to Remember to Forget” – Although he’s now with Lindsey, Lucas flashes back to the night he proposed to Peyton and she turned him down. Brooke realizes he still loves Peyton.

5PM – Episode #2008-107 — “Touch Me I’m Going to Scream, Part I” – Lucas calls Peyton from the airport and asks her to fly to Las Vegas with him and get married. However, once they get to the chapel and there are no friends or family, they have a change of heart.

6PM – Episode #2008-129 — “Forever and Almost Always” – In a ceremony officiated by Haley, Peyton and Lucas are finally married. After the reception, Lucas takes pregnant Peyton home to some romantic surprises. However, the biggest surprise is on him when he walks in and finds her bleeding and passed out on the floor.

7PM – Episode #2008-130 — “Remember Me as a Time of Day” – With Lucas at her bedside, Peyton wakens from her coma and names their newborn daughter Sawyer.

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