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Air Date:               Friday, October 2, 2009 @ 9 PM – 2-Hour Series Premiere!

During an official visit by Senator Armstrong (CHRIS MCDONALD), his assistant Chloe (ELYSE LEVESQUE), and Eli Wallace (DAVID BLUE), a recently recruited gaming genius, to Icarus, a secret off-world military base, the base falls under a full force attack leaving Colonel Everett Young  (LOUIS FERREIRA) with no choice but to retreat.   He orders an evacuation to Earth. However, a last minute maneuver by scientist Dr. Nicholas Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) thrusts the escapees headlong into his experiment, which transports everyone to deep space.

The survivors arrive on an uninhabited ship floating billions of light years away from Earth.  Panic spreads throughout the group and Col. Young, who was severely injured during the escape, transfers command to Lt. Matthew Scott (BRIAN J. SMITH), before lapsing into unconsciousness.   Teams led by Dr. Rush and Sgt. Greer (JAMIL WALKER SMITH) try to make sense of the situation, while Lt. Tamara Johansen (ALAINA HUFFMAN), a medic who was days away from leaving the program, is thrust into the role of chief medical officer.

After secretly contacting the Home World Command using communications stones – a device which allows the swapping of consciousness between bodies across vast distances – Dr. Rush claims that he has been placed in charge by General O’Neill (RICHARD DEAN ANDERSON) and there is no hope of returning to Earth.  When the ship’s air supply systems begin to fail, his theories are challenged by Eli.  As the crisis deepens, divisions emerge between those who want to attempt a return to Earth, including human resources executive Camille Wray (MING-NA), and those who want to remain aboard the Destiny.

Guest Stars: Lou Diamond Philips, Christopher McDonald, Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Gary Jones


Air Date:               Friday, October 9, 2009 @ 9 PM

With the air supply failing on the Destiny, a team disembarks to a desert-like planet in search of the mineral needed to scrub the ship’s air of carbon dioxide. After testing numerous sand samples without success, and with their window of opportunity closing fast, the group opts to split into two to cover more ground, despite the unbearable heat.  While one team presses on to find the treasured mineral, the other has another goal in mind.  When it is apparent that Dr. Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) can’t go on, Lt. Scott (BRIAN J. SMITH) decides to go it alone and orders Sgt. Greer (JAMIL WALKER SMITH) to return to safety with the exhausted scientist.

Meanwhile, with life on the ship looking bleak, and with the aid of the communication stones, Col. Young (LOUIS FERREIRA) reports in to O’Neill, and Chloe (ELYSE LEVESQUE), has one last chance to see her mother.


Air Date:               Friday, October 16, 2009 @ 9 PM

Dr. Nicholas Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) has been working throughout the night to try and determine why the ship’s power reserves are critically low. He reiterates his mounting concerns to Colonel Young (LOUIS FERREIRA), who advises the crew to limit their power consumption to essential services only. Suddenly the lights dim to emergency levels and everything but life support goes dead.  Overwhelmed by fatigue and frustration, Rush declares that all on board will perish within days. But when Destiny’s flight path towards a solar system reveals the existence of three planets, they hope that one of them is habitable.

Meanwhile Eli (DAVID BLUE) records individual messages from the crew in case they don’t survive.


Air Date:               Friday, October 23, 2009 @ 9 PM

The Destiny is still without power and an attempt to alter their collision course with a star has failed.  The situation is now critical.  A plan is born to abandon ship using the last working shuttle, with the hope that one of three planets in close proximity will be habitable.  Although this strategy initially raises the crew’s spirits, it is short lived when Col. Young (LOUIS FERREIRA) announces there is only room for seventeen people and a lottery will determine who goes and who stays.  Stunned by the implication of this news, everyone considers their fate.  Some, including Dr. Nicholas Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) and Col. Young, opt to stay on board.  Others, determined to survive, vie for a seat on the departing shuttlecraft.

In the short time that remains, alliances are forged and others damaged while Eli (DAVID BLUE) tries to create a message in a bottle with the aid of a Kino.  But, unbeknownst to all, forces are at work that no one could have foreseen.


Air Date:               Friday, October 30, 2009 @ 9 PM

Despite severe rationing and around the clock security, the water reserves on board the Destiny continue to drop.  Dr. Nicholas Rush (ROBERT CARLYLE) has no explanation for this latest setback but, if they are to survive, they must find a new water source soon.  The only planet within range is a frozen wasteland surrounded by a thin and poisonous atmosphere.  Donning two of the ships deteriorated spacesuits, Col. Young (LOUIS FERREIRA) and Lt. Scott (BRIAN J. SMITH) head to the planet’s surface, hoping to retrieve enough ice to replenish their water supply.  But once there, tests reveal that the ice near the Stargate contains traces of highly toxic chemicals. Young and Scott take off in search of drinkable samples knowing they don’t have long before their air will run out and Destiny jumps back to FTL.

Back on board the ship, Lt. Tamara Johansen (ALAINA HUFFMAN) works with the crew to catch an intruder they believe is responsible for the lost rations.


Air Date:               Tuesday, October 6, 2009 @ 9 PM – Fall Premiere

A receptionist at a doctor’s office is caught in the middle when a patient comes in demanding to be reattached to his former conjoined twin.  A handyman meets a female serial killer who keeps men’s underwear as trophies.  A prankster dresses as a giant spider to scare a young woman, but when an old woman shows up the prank is turned on him.  A car carrying a group of partygoers breaks down on the property of a crazy cult.  Hosted by Tracy Morgan.

Air Date:               Tuesday, October 13, 2009 @ 9 PM

Security guards discover an abandoned school bus with one little girl inside, and everyone else has mysteriously vanished.  ECW Superstar Matt Hardy plays a violent criminal who breaks out of his physical and mental restraints to go after a doctor’s assistant. Paranormal investigators in search of an evil ghost find what they are looking for… unfortunately.   A prison guard gets his mind blown when he’s put in charge of watching a shape-shifting inmate.  Hosted by Tracy Morgan.

Air Date:               Tuesday, October 20, 2009 @ 9 PM

A babysitter is left in charge of two little girls.  One girl is alive, the other is dead. An undercover webisode team is caught breaking into a top-secret government facility and become unwilling lab rats in a gruesome experiment.  Night watchmen in the desert come across a scientist as he’s trying to dispose of his monstrous experiments. An interview with a vampire turns bloody when the vampire goes in search of his next meal. Hosted by Tracy Morgan.
Air Date:               Tuesday, October 27, 2009 @ 9 PM

Partygoers unwittingly enter a quarantined area and now must face the consequences.  A student helps out with a sleep study, but this sleep study soon becomes a nightmare.  A babysitter looks after a little girl who has an imaginary clown friend and an overactive imagination.  A radio show about the unexplained gets a surprise visitor from another planet. Hosted by Tracy Morgan.


Air Date:               Wednesday, October 7, 2009 @ 9 PM

USS Salem – Quincy, Massachusetts

The Ghost Hunters don sailor caps and head out to sea. Their mission—explore a haunted vessel and demystify the paranormal activity onboard.

Built in 1945, the USS Salem is famous for providing humanitarian aid to devastated countries. It was the first American ship to arrive on scene during the 1953 Ionian Island earthquake. Hundreds of people were treated and saved on the ship, yet many others died onboard. Could ungrateful spirits be lurking on the USS Salem?

Today, the ship is used as a Naval museum. Visitors and museum staff report hearing strange voices and seeing shadowy apparitions of people flickering down hallways.

TAPS has their hands full investigating the USS Salem. Will they discover who or what is haunting this massive landmark? Tune in to find out.

Cornwall Jail – Ontario, Canada

The angry spirits of dead convicts are imprisoned in Cornwall Jail—or so visitors and employees believe. TAPS is called in to investigate.

Built in 1802, the Cornwall Jail is the oldest and most infamous structure in Ontario, Canada. Rumor has it that countless numbers of prisoners were savagely tortured within its four walls. Some prisoners even committed suicide to escape their brutal sentences.

In 2002, the jail was turned into a museum. Yet many say the souls of former inmates remain locked up inside. The sound of a woman screaming is often heard. Employees believe it to be the cries of a female inmate who was brutally raped by male inmates years ago. One visitor alleges that an invisible force grabbed her face and growled attacked her in her ear.

Who or what could be behind these disturbing events? It’s up to TAPS to hunt the culprits down.

Air Date:               Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 9 PM

Fort Henry – Kingston, Ontario

TAPS heads north to explore the most haunted place in Canada. Fort Henry served as a prison and execution site for hundreds of dangerous convicts. Over the years, employees and visitors have witnessed a number of strange, frightening events.

Built in 1812, Fort Henry served as a prisoner-of-war camp for captured Nazis during World War II. Today, the fort is a National Heritage Site and a memorial to Canada’s military history. Historical eyewitness accounts suggest that paranormal entities have long been haunting the fort.

Strange apparitions, mysterious sounds of shattering glass and other ghostly activities have been recorded in this great maze of a military complex. Could the restless spirits of dead prisoners be stirring trouble? TAPS investigates.

Air Date:               Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @ 9 PM

Congress Theater -Chicago, Illinois

For their next investigation, TAPS packs up their gear and heads to the Windy City. Mysterious paranormal activities at the Congress Theater have employees and visitors spooked senseless.

The Congress Theater is a famous Chicago landmark that has inhabited the city since 1926. Beyond the auditorium and stage is a dark, twisted labyrinth of old dressing rooms, rickety catwalks and desolate corridors. For decades, theater employees claim to have seen and heard the unexplainable—floating apparitions walking off balconies and voices arguing when no one is there.

Could phantoms of the past be haunting the theater?


Air Date:               Wednesday, October 7, 2009 @ 10 PM

Alien Mummies – Chile

Josh and team embark on their first UFO investigation in Chile, where, according to experts, an alien mummy was exhumed in the desert thousands of miles south of Lima. The stretch of land in-between is believed to be swarming with extraterrestrial activity.  Locals also claim to see live aliens wandering around in the dark, mysterious lights in the sky and disembodied voices.

Van Lake Monster – Turkey

Josh and the team engage in a fishing trip they won’t ever forget: something massive may be lurking in a lake in Van, Turkey.  The lake, nearly the size of Rhode Island, is supposedly home to an animal that that measures more than 40 feet long, with dark scaly skin and a long spiny back.  Though the myth stretches years back in Turkish history, nobody has yet proven if the monster exists or not.

During a search on the lake’s surface, Josh catches something long, and serpentine on the thermal imagery monitor.  The team returns to the US and takes their findings to a professor at Santa Barbara for analysis.

Air Date:               Wednesday, October 14, 2009 @ 10 PM

Chullachaqui  – Peru

Joined by special guest stars Robb Demarest and Dustin Pari from Ghost Hunters International, Josh and team make their way to the jungles of Peru, where a terrifying creature resembling a gremlin is reportedly terrorizing the locals.

Bermuda Triangle

Josh and his team take on the age-old legend of the Bermuda Triangle, an area in the Atlantic Ocean   infamous for pulling planes out of the sky and swallowing ships into the sea.  It is believed that the triangle’s strange energy vortexes appear at the same locations again and again, so the team plans to chart a direct course through each known coordinate where ships and planes had disappeared.  As a result, they manage to collect a phenomenal amount of evidence, including strong electromagnetic disturbances and a mysterious image on their IR camera.

Air Date:               Wednesday, October 21, 2009 @ 10 PM

Haunted Lost City – Peru

Leads team into the rugged mountains of Peru to investigate claims that the Incan ruins there are haunted. Shrouded in the Andes mountains, the Incan city disappeared half a millennia ago: the residents reportedly buried their gold in the tunnels underneath the city and committed suicide before the Spanish conquistadors could invade.  Today, local farmers claim that their animals react violently when passing by the ruins.

Josh and his team are the first to head to the region with a camera crew and stay overnight.  Midway up the trail, the team’s horses start to panic inexplicably; the locals will head no further and take their animals back down with them, leaving Josh and team to continue on their own.

The investigation yields such compelling audio and visual evidence that Josh calls on expert analysts Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters to determine whether the Lost City is still inhabited with spirits.

Thunderbird – Alaska

The team takes their adventures to Alaska, where locals claim a giant winged bird is terrorizing their community. A nocturnal creature said to be part bird, part reptile, the “Thunderbird” has recently been sighted soaring high over the Alaskan landscape by local pilots.  Josh and crew set out for a sub-zero exploration of the artic terrain.


Air Date:               Friday, October 9, 2009 @ 10 PM – Season 2 Premiere!

In the season two opener of Sanctuary, Ashley (EMILIE ULLERUP) remains captured, in the dangerous hands of the Cabal.  While desperately searching for her, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING), Will (ROBIN DUNNE), Druitt (CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL) and Tesla (JONATHON YOUNG), encounter Kate Freelander (AGAM DARSHI) a quick-talking con artist with Cabal connections. Pressing her for information, Magnus gets the location of a secret Cabal facility that may lead them to her daughter. Although aware that Kate is less than trustworthy, the team takes a risk and moves in on the Cabal way station. They quickly discover they have been led into a trap and that the Ashley they once knew has made a formidable and alarming transformation, with no intention of coming home to the Sanctuary.

Air Date:               Friday, October 16, 2009 @ 10 PM

Furious at being duped into a trap, Magnus (AMANDA TAPPING) takes on Kate (AGAM DARSHI), demanding information and complete access to her Cabal contacts. The Cabal’s true agenda is revealed and Magnus realizes that they are not only holding Ashley (EMILIE ULLERUP) as ransom to obtain complete control of the Sanctuary Network, but turning her into the ultimate weapon. Now transformed into a Super Abnormal with devastating powers, Ashley and her newly cloned fighters begin their onslaught, destroying Sanctuaries in cities around the world. Tesla (JONATHON YOUNG) and Henry (RYAN ROBBINS) attempt to create a weapon that can stop the attacks…without killing Ashley. As the team prepares to defend the Sanctuary with Tesla’s new weapon, Magnus must come to the realization that they may not be able to stop the Cabal’s attacks without harming Ashley. She realizes she might have to choose between saving her only daughter, or losing the Sanctuary and all the lives and secrets within it.


Air Date:               Saturday, October 10, 2009 @ 9 PM

A powerful earthquake triggers a crack in the earth’s crust that threatens to spread across the entire American continent.   It ‘s up to a seismologist and an explosives expert to figure out how to stop it.

Starring:               Eriq La Salle, Brittany Murphy, Bruce Davison

Air Date:               Saturday, October 24, 2009 @ 9 PM

A busload of college students takes a wrong turn on a back road and ends up in a real ghost town – inhabited by deadly ghosts.  Now the jocks and nerds have to battle outlaws who return to earth every thirteen years to refight a shoot-out.  And if they can’t fight their way out, the students will be stuck in the supernatural town for thirteen years.

Starring:               Jessica Rose (aka Lonelygirl15), Gil Gerard, Billy Drago

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