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 (New York, NY) – Will the Kilcher family survive one of the most brutal Alaskan winters to date?    Discovery’s hit series ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER returns for a riveting second season on Tuesday, October 2nd at 9pm ET/PT. The title song “Alaska: The Last Frontier” was written by Atz and performed by him and his daughter, Grammy nominated singer and songwriter Jewel.


Over 80 years ago, Yule Kilcher fled Switzerland in search of a free and simple life.  He found that life outside of Homer, Alaska where three generations of the Kilcher family still live today. The Kilcher family resides on their homestead consisting of over 640 acres of Alaskan wilderness.  Yule and his wife Ruth taught their family (six girls and two boys) to be self-sufficient and to live solely off of the resources the land can provide.  Yule’s sons, Atz and Otto Kilcher, continue Yule’s vision and traditions of a subsistence lifestyle and teach this way of life to their sons, Atz Lee, Atz’s son, and Eivin, Otto’s son, and their families.


This “simple life,” however, is far from simple.  Living off the grid without running water, they must hunt, gather, garden and raise livestock in order to provide enough food to ensure their family’s survival.


Only two seasons exist in this remote stretch of land in southern Alaska: summer and winter.  And when summer hits, the ticking clock begins.  The Kilcher family utilizes the brief four months of summer to tackle big projects, like rebuilding and reinforcing housing structures and driving cattle to graze 20 miles from the homestead, while also amassing enough food and wood for themselves and their animals.  These supplies must last them through the long, dark, and frigid 8 months of winter – all while dealing with the harshest elements and surrounded by the most dangerous predators in the world.


The Kilchers must work together to ensure their survival.  This is life on the last frontier.


ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is produced by Discovery Studios.  Daniel Soiseth and Grant Kahler are executive producers for Discovery Studios.  Cameo Wallace is executive producer for Discovery.


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