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TNT to Launch Line-By-Line Adaptation of Mob City Premiere Script on Twitter Today


Eagerly Anticipated Television Event from Writer-Director-Executive Producer Frank Darabont

To Air in Two-Hour Installments Over Three Wednesdays, Beginning Dec. 4



The opening episode of TNT‘s eagerly anticipated three-week television event Mob City – from writer-director-executive producer Frank Darabont – is about to become the first television screenplay ever to be adapted for and published through Twitter. The ground-breaking “adaptweetion” is slated to begin rolling out on Twitter through the handle @MobCityTNT today, Monday, Dec. 2, two days before the launch of Mob City on TNT.


Through TNT’s Mob City adaptweetion, which is being created in collaboration with Deutsch NY, the Twittersphere will be transported back to gritty 1940s Los Angeles 140 characters at a time. The story will unfold gradually over three days, taking followers to the point just before the end of the first episode, when a shocking turn of events occurs. To find out what happens at the end of the premiere episode, fans will have to tune in to watch when Mob City premieres on TNT Wednesday, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT).


Immortalizing the innovative three-day debut of the script will be a microsite hub at, which will feature the entire @MobCityTNT feed in chronological order. Real-time dialogue between characters, Vines of pilot footage, talent commentary and other exclusive content will all be incorporated, giving fans an in-depth look at the making of a moralistic and controversial period drama, ideal material for sharing. The end result will be a complete screenplay accessorized with an abundance of rich media and fan interaction.


In addition to the TNT’s Twitter adaption of the opening episode, Mob City stars like Jon Bernthal (@jonnybernthal), Milo Ventimiglia (@miloventimiglia) and Ed Burns (@edward_burns), along with guest star Simon Pegg (@simonpegg), are set to add their own voices to the online conversation. Frank Darabont’s prose will also be a part of the adaption (@frankdarabont).


“The anticipation surrounding Mob City has been building so much, we wanted to create a unique story-telling experience by sharing the first episode’s screenplay specifically adapted for Twitter,” said Tricia Melton, senior vice president of entertainment marketing and branding for TNT, TBS and Turner Classic Movies (TCM). “This is a completely new and innovative way to bring show content to fans in a way that transforms a tweet into social storytelling. Through our Mob City ‘adaptweetion,’ Frank Darabont’s gripping dialogue from the script will become an artful social experience guaranteed to delight fans.”

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