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Univision #1 Network in America for the Third Consecutive Friday

In Overall Prime among Adults 18-34

NPM Broadcast Prime Highlights Week of 11/02/09

§  Univision was the #1 network in the country for the third consecutive Friday in overall prime among all Adults 18-34 (1.1 million)

§  Univision finished as the 5th most-watched network for the entire week in primetime with 3.7 million Total Viewers 2+, 2.0 million Adults 18-49 and 1.1 million Adults 18-34, out-delivering CW. Additionally, Univision ranked #2 among Kids 2-11 (425,000)

§  Univision out-delivered ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX on 4 out of 7 nights last week among Adults 18-34 and on 2 out of 7 nights among Adults 18-49

§  Univision’s airing of the 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards reached a record 12.8 million Total Viewers 2+ and generated strong year-to-year audience growth among all key demographics including Total Viewers 2+ (+2%), Persons 12-34 (+8%), Adults 18-34 (+10%), Adults 18-49 (+10%) Men 18-49 (+6%) and Women 18-49 (+13%)

§  The 2009 Latin Grammy® Awards propelled Univision to the #2 network ranking on Thursday night among all Adults 18-34 (2.0 million), beating CBS, NBC, FOX and CW and #3 ranking among all Adults 18-49 (3.5 million), beating NBC, FOX and CW

§  The 10th annual telecast of the Latin Grammy Awards on Univision also ranked within the Top 10 most-watched programs on television on Thursday night, delivering more Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 viewers than ABC’s “Flashfoward;” NBC’s “Community,” “Parks and Recreation,” and “The Jay Leno Show;” and the entire programming line-ups on FOX (“Bones” and “Fringe”) and CW (“Vampire Diaries” and “Supernatural”)

§  Friday Night, Univision aired 3 out of the Top 5 programs on broadcast network television with #2 “Sortilegio” (Love Spell), #3 “En Nombre del Amor” (In the Name of Love) and #4 “Lo Que No Vio De Los Latin Grammys” (2009 Latin Grammy Awards Behind-the-Scenes Special) among all Adults 18-34

§  For the entire week, Univision’s “Sortilegio” (Love Spell) delivered more Adults 18-49 viewers, regardless of language, than such English-Language primetime programs as ABC’s “Eastwick,” “The Forgotten,” and “Ugly Betty;” CBS’s “Medium,” “Numb3rs,” and “Cold Case;” NBC’s “Law and Order,” “Mercy” and “Trauma;” FOX’s “Fringe;” and CW’s “Gossip Girl,” “Melrose Place,” “Supernatural,” and “Smallville”

§  “En Nombre del Amor” (In the Name of Love) and “Sortilegio” (Love Spell) helped Univision capture the #5 network ranking in their respective hours, M-F 8pm to 9pm and M-F 9pm to 10pm among Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49

§  With its checkerboard programming line-up, Univision ranked as the #3 network in the M-F 10pm to 11pm hour among all Adults 18-49 (2.0 million) and all Adults 18-34 (1.1 million), out-delivering NBC

§  Saturday night, “Sabado Gigante” (Giant Saturday) made Univision the #4 broadcast network among Adults 18-34 (608,000), beating NBC and #3 among Teens 12-17 (140,000), beating CBS and NBC

§  “Viva El Sueño” (Live the Dream) averaged its highest audience levels since its premiere on 08/30/09 across all key demographics including Total Viewers 2+ (2.7 million), Adults 18-49 (1.4 million), Adults 18-34 (759,000), Persons 12-34 (928,000) and Teens 12-17 (169,000)

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