via Univision press release:

Univision the #3 Network in the Country in Overall Prime

Among All Adults 18-34 and Teens 12-17, beating CBS, NBC, CW and Telemundo

NTI Broadcast Prime Highlights Week of 06/08/09

•         For two consecutive weeks, Univision has been the #3 network in the country in overall prime among all Adults 18-34 (948,000) and Teens 12-17 (179,000), beating CBS, NBC, CW and Telemundo.

•          For the week, Univision ranked #2 among Kids 2-11 (402,000) and #5 among all Adults 18-49, (1.7 million), Persons 2+ (3.3 million) and Households (2.0 million).

•        Univision out-delivered ABC, CBS, NBC, or FOX every night last week among Adults 18-34 and Teens 12-17 and on 6 out of 7 nights among Adults 18-49.

•        Univision had 7 of the Top 30 Programs among Adults 18-34 and 4 of the Top 30 Shows among Adults 18-49.

•       Regardless of language, Univision captured the #2 network ranking on Friday night among all Adults 18-49 (2.0 million) and Adults 18-34 (1.1 million).

•       Last week, Univision’s “Mañana Es Para Siempre” (Tomorrow is Forever) was one of the Top 3 Primetime Programs on 4 out 5 nights among A18-34 and

on 3 nights among Adults 18-49.

•      Season-to-Date, Univision is experiencing year-to-year audience growth of +2% in prime time among all Adults 18-49 while the English-language broadcast

networks are reporting declines: ABC (-6%), NBC (-3%), FOX (-17%) and CW (-19%).

•      “Cuidado Con El Angel” (Don’t Mess with the Angel) made Univision the #3 network in the M-F 8pm to 9pm time period among all Adults 18-34 (1.1 million),

beating ABC, CBS, CW and Telemundo.  Additionally, ranking at #1 among Teens 12-17 (263,000).

•      “Mañana Es Para Siempre” (Tomorrow is Forever) helped Univision capture the #2 network ranking in the M-F 9pm to 10pm hour among Adults 18-34 (1.5

million) and #4 among Adults 18-49 (2.7 million).

•      Univision’s 10pm checker-board programming helped the network garner the #3 position in that hour among Adults 18-34 (962,000), beating CBS and

Telemundo by +28%.

•       Univision’s 8th episode of “Mujeres Asesinas” (Killer Women) helped the network rank #2 in the Thursday 10pm to 11p time slot among Adults 18-34 (1.2

million), delivering 2x the audience of CBS and NBC and nearly 3x Telemundo’s audience.

•         Univision was the #2 broadcast network on Saturday night thanks to “Sabado Gigante” (Giant Saturday) among Adults 18-34 (495,000) and ranked at #3

among all Adults 18-49 (928,000).

•        On Sunday night, Univision was the #3 network of the night among Adults 18-34 (428,000), beating CBS, NBC, CW and Telemundo.

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