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Abel Maldonado, Lieutenant Governor of California; Horacio Medina, Petroleum Engineer; Ricardo Flores, Father of slain Peruvian Student Stephany Flores; and Michael Zimbalist, Filmmaker, “The Two Escobars”

Univision’s Martin Berlanga will be the Guest Host for the June 20 Broadcast

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Coverage of Colombia’s Presidential runoff with Univision’s weekend news anchor Enrique Teuteló
This Sunday Colombians will elect their next president. Former Colombian Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos faces off former Bogota mayor Antanas Mockus in a presidential runoff. Who will take charge of Colombia for the next five years? Enrique Teuteló, Univision’s weekend news anchor, reports from Bogota with the latest.

Abel Maldonado, Lieutenant Governor of California
California’s Lieutenant Governor, Abel Maldonado comes to Al Punto to talk about the new face of the Republican Party and his thoughts on the women who are winning big in the primaries. As he seeks re-election for Lieutenant Governor, what is his position on immigration reform and the Arizona law SB1070? What is his response to those who say he votes for the issues and not necessarily for his party?

Horacio Medina, Petroleum Engineer
Sunday will mark the 62nd day of the oil spill in the gulf. Why hasn’t BP or the government been able to stop the spill? Meanwhile President Obama and executives from BP have agreed on a compensation fund of $20 billion. Will this fund benefit everyone who is affected? Will the spill disrupt the production of oil? Will this increase the prices of gasoline at the pump? Petroleum Engineer, Horacio Medina, who has 32 years of experience in the field, comes to Al Punto to answer these questions.

Ricardo Flores, Father of slain Peruvian Student Stephany Flores
A judge expects to interrogate Joran Van Der Sloot next week in relation to the killing of 21-year-old Stephany Flores. In an exclusive interview, Univision’s Aqui y Ahora co-anchor Teresa Rodriguez talks to the father of the slain woman. How did he find out about the death of his daughter? What punishment is he asking for Van Der Sloot if he is found guilty of the crime?

Michael Zimbalist, Filmmaker, “The Two Escobars”
In the 80’s Colombia lived the cartel era. Pablo Escobar, Colombia’s most notorious drug lord, was also a big fan of soccer and he and other drug barons took control of the sport. This Sunday on Al Punto, Martin Berlanga interviews Michael Zimbalist, co-director of the documentary “The Two Escobars.” Discover how the life of a young soccer player named Andres Escobar crossed paths with Pablo Escobar’s passion and how it ended in tragedy after he scored a goal against his own team in the 1994 World Cup.

Roundtable Participants:

Ana Maria Jaramillo, Diario El Tiempo
José Díaz Briseño, Diario Reforma

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