Still more Spartacus: Blood and Sand ratings detail based on final cable numbers via Starz.  And you know you wanted more!

Please note:  where Starz talks about being #1 on all of cable for Friday 2/19, it is talking about the coverage ratings rankings.  Coverage ratings measure only the percentages based on the number of homes where a network is available.

Starz was only available in around 22 million homes as of December, according to Nielsen, while the bigger cable channels are available in 95M-100M homes.  So the rankings within the coverage ratings is a bit misleading since USA could have a much smaller coverage rating and still many more viewers.  Cable networks using coverage ratings is a common practice, and either way, Spartacus: Blood and Sand is doing very well for Starz.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand episode 105 Friday 2/19 10PM premiere:

*Attracted the most HHs (612,000) of any Spartacus premiere this season

*Grew HHs, P2+, A18-49, and M18+ from prior week’s premiere and season averages

*Ranked #1 among premium programs 2/19, the fifth consecutive Friday to do so

*#1 ranked program in all of cable for 2/19 among HHs (2.8 rating), A18-49 (1.7), W18-49 (1.3), M18-49 (2.2), and M18+ (2.1)

*Tied for #1 ranked program in all of cable for 2/19 with NCIS and The O’Reilly Factor among A18+ (1.6)

*Tied for #7 ranked program in all of cable for week ending 2/21 with HBO’s Big Love among M18-49 (2.2)

*Ranked among top 15 cable programs for the week ending 2/21 among A18-49 and M18+

Episode 105 Episode 104 % Change Episode 101 – 104 Avg % Change
(000s) (000s) (000s)
HH 612 504 21% 542 13%
P2+ 847 663 28% 740 14%
A18-49 471 401 17% 443 6%
M18+ 471 383 23% 422 12%

Additional highlights:

*Reached nearly 2.5 million P2+ for the weekend

*Exceeded all previous Friday combined telecast (10PM and late night repeat) audiences, with a total of 1.14 million P2+

*Drew largest Sunday 10PM audience of the season with 344,000 HHs and 444,000 P2+

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