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26.3 Million Average Audience For First Nine Nights; Nearly 6 Million More and 28% Higher Than 2006 Winter Games

77 Million Watched Networks of NBC Universal on Friday; 9 Million More Than Comparable Saturday From The 2006 Winter Games

VANCOUVER – February 21, 2010 – More than half of all Americans (162 million) have watched the Vancouver Olympics on the networks of NBC Universal through the first nine days of the Games; five million more than watched the first nine days of the 2006 Winter Games (157 million), according to data available today from The Nielsen Company.

NBCU’s Friday broadcasts were seen by 77 million total viewers, nine million more and 13 percent higher than the middle Friday from the 2006 Games (68 million).

9-DAY AVERAGE 6 MILLION MORE THAN 2006; BEST SINCE TABLOID-FUELED LILLEHAMMER GAMES: The 26.3 million average viewers for the first nine nights of the Vancouver Games is the most for a non-U.S. Winter Olympics since the *tabloid-fueled Lillehammer Games (38.7 million).  The 26.3 million is nearly 6 million more and 28 percent higher than the average viewership of the first nine nights from Torino in 2006 (20.6 million).

*Fueled by the tabloid coverage of the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scandal.

OLYMPICS DOMINATE PRIMETIME AGAIN: The average viewership of 26.7 million last night is seven million more than and 36 percent above the comparable night of the 2006 Winter Games (19.7 million).  This is another dominating performance for the Olympics on a Saturday, traditionally has the smallest audience of any primetime night.  The first Saturday of the Vancouver Games had an average audience of 26.6 million.

·               Last night, the Olympics more than doubled the combined delivery of the other three major networks (ABC, CBS, Fox combined for 11.5 million) beating the three combined by 131 percent.  This comes after dealing American Idol its first defeat in six years on Wednesday, nearly tripling the audience of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, and nearly doubling the combined delivery of the other three major networks on Friday.

The national household rating of 14.7/24 for Saturday night is more than three full ratings points and an increase of 30 percent over the comparable Saturday night in Torino in 2006 (11.3/19).  The 14.7/24 average household rating to-date is more than two-and-a-half ratings points and 20 percent higher than 2006 (12.2/20).

NBC OLYMPICS MOBILE SURGES: NBC’s Olympics Mobile platforms (WAP site and iTunes App combined) through just nine days have amassed more than 49 million page views, already surpassing the total number of page views for the entire 17-day Beijing Games (34.7 million).

NBCOLYMPICS.COM HAS MORE USERS THAN ENTIRE 2006 WINTER GAMES: In just eight days, has delivered 27.3 million total unique users, according to Omniture, 14 million more unique users and 105 percent higher than the entire 17 days of the 2006 Winter Games (13.3 million).

·      has delivered 23.9 million video streams to date – nearly 20 million more and 469% higher than Torino’s first eight days (4.2 million).


Mountain Time Zone                      19.9/33

Pacific Time Zone                             16.4/30

Central Time Zone                           16.3/26

Eastern Time Zone                          15.8/25

TOP 25 METERED MARKETS (Nine-Day Average):

1. Milwaukee, 23.1/36

2. Denver, 23.0/38

3. Salt Lake City, 22.5/38

4. Seattle, 21.3/39

5. Minneapolis, 21.0/36

6. St. Louis, 19.9/31

7. Columbus, 19.7/31

8. San Diego, 19.2/32

9. Portland, 19.0/35

10. West Palm Beach, 18.9/26

11. Cleveland, 18.4/29

12. Nashville, 18.2/26

13. Kansas City, 18.0/27

14. Boston, 17.8/31

T15. Phoenix, 17.5/29

T15. Providence, 17.5/29

T17. Austin, 17.3/28

T17. Tulsa, 17.3/26

19. Washington, D.C., 17.2/28

T20. Sacramento, 17.1/31

T20. Cincinnati, 17.1/26

T20. Oklahoma City, 17.1/26

T20. Ft. Myers, 17.1/27

24. Richmond, 16.9/26

T25. Chicago, 16.7/27

T25. Indianapolis, 16.7/27


1. Milwaukee, 25.3/39

2. Seattle, 21.9/41

3. Denver, 21.4/37

4. Salt Lake City, 20.9/36

5. Portland, 20.0/37

6. Columbus, 19.9/31

7. Kansas City, 19.5/30

8. Cleveland, 19.2/33

9. Tulsa, 19.0/29

10. St. Louis, 18.7/32

11. Minneapolis, 18.3/34

12. San Diego, 18.1/30

T13. Oklahoma City, 17.2/27

T13. Cincinnati, 17.2/28

15. Sacramento, 17.1/29

16. Providence, 17.0/31

17. Tampa, 16.8/28

18. Norfolk, 16.7/26

19. Boston, 16.6/31

T20. Pittsburgh, 16.4/26

T20. Phoenix, 16.4/28

22. Richmond, 16.2/25

T23. San Francisco, 16.1/31

T23. Ft. Myers, 16.1/26

T25. Orlando, 16.0/26

T25. Detroit, 16.0/28

NBC Universal, broadcasting its record 12th Olympics the most Olympics broadcast by any network, will present more than 835 hours of Vancouver Olympic Winter Games coverage – representing the most total hours ever for a Winter Olympics, more than the last two Winter Olympics combined, and the most live hours ever for a Winter Games. The Vancouver Games are the first Winter Olympics to be presented entirely in high definition.

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