Good growth for the the White Collar, Covert Affairs and Psych trio when a full week of DVR viewing was factored in.  The Psych finale saw especially big percentage gains with 18-49 viewing, where the full week of DVR viewing increased the demo by 54%.

One thing to keep in mind, and this is just another reason I love the folks at USA, these comparisons are against the Live+SD numbers that have already been reported and seen everywhere.

Some networks including most of the broadcast networks, and particularly TNT on cable as far as scripted shows, compare to live viewing only and those are numbers that are never reported anywhere.  While I understand those comparisons are trying to showcase the full impact of DVR viewing, since the same day DVR viewing is already included and commonly published everywhere, the comparisons to live only viewing are confusing.  While accurately measuring full impact of DVR viewing, it can give people the false impression that there was more growth with the six extra days than their actually was.

USA doesn’t do that though. Here’s the data via USA Network:

The L7 lifts for the White Collar finale (“Point Blank”) on 9/7 were appx. 35%

    • P18-49: +34% going from 1826 to 2454. The full Summer season average with all L7 is 2290, flat with the Winter season when it first aired Tuesdays at 10pm.
    • P25-54: +36%, from 2017 to 2753. Full season average = 2452, up +4% from Winter
    • P2+: +31%, from 4715 to 6156. Full season = 5587, up +9% from Winter
    • P18-34: +27% from 883 to 1118. Full season = 1056, -7% vs. Winter

L7 Lifts for Covert Affairs on 9/7 (“Fool In The Rain”) remained at the 50% level

    • P18-49: +48% going from 2120 to 3140.
    • P25-54: +51%, from 2278 to 3444.
    • P2+: +39%, from 5359 to 7442.
    • P18-34: +43% from 948 to 1359.

The Psych finale on 9/8 (“One, Maybe Two, Ways Out”) saw very strong Live+7 lifts — in the mid 50% range

    • P18-49: +54% going from 1460 to 2249. The full Summer season average with all L7 is 2270, flat with Winter when it first aired on Wed at 10 (also flat vs. last Summer which was Aug-Oct)
    • P25-54: +57%, from 1429 to 2241. Full season = 2317,  +1% vs Winter / -6% vs. Summer 2009
    • P2+: +46%, from 3112 to 4547. Full season = 4851, +5% vs. Winter / -5% vs. Summer 2009
  • P18-34: +46% from 794 to 1163. Full season = 1115, -5% vs. Winter / +6% vs. Summer 2009
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