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New York– The Writers Guild of America East and Joan Rivers announced today that they have resolved the charges brought against the Fashion Police host.

Joan Rivers said, “As a lifetime member of the WGA, I have always supported the writers and want what’s best for them. In further support of the striking writers, I’ve decided not to render any writing services even though as a comedian and SAG-AFTRA host, I often write material for myself. Rest assured though I will always say what’s on my mind,” said Joan Rivers.

Michael Winship, WGAE President said, “We are very pleased that we have been able to resolve the charges against Ms. Rivers and will not be proceeding to a disciplinary hearing.  We recognize Ms. Rivers’ support for the striking writers and her illustrious career.  We are also pleased that, as part of the resolution of the Charges, Ms. Rivers has agreed not to write during the strike and to meet with E! to advocate for immediate contract negotiations in support of the Fashion Police writers.”

The WGAE had charged Rivers with violating Working Rule 8 for allegedly writing on a struck program.  Writers of E!’s Fashion Police went on strike April 17.  Under Rivers’ SAG-AFTRA contract, Rivers is obligated to continue hosting the program during a strike, however the WGAE and Rivers dispute whether such host duties include writing.

With regards to the possibility of a strike resolution, Joan commented, “Now that this is behind me, can we talk?  Because we should talk.   As a WGA member, I’ve always supported the Fashion Police writers having a contract.  It’s time for both sides to sit down at the table and negotiate.  Forget about the election. We all want the same thing – to get this behind us – so let’s make this deal!”


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