Our friend Brian Stelter reports that ABC and CBS will have streaming applications for the iPad ready for the iPad’s launch and that NBC is working on it.  Update:  ABC’s “ABC Player”  iPad app is already available in iTunes.

I’m not sure it wasn’t an April Fools prank but I’ve also seen several reports that Netflix is planning a streaming application for the iPad.

I want to wait to hear how well the ABC, and CBS streaming works.  CBS has an application that streams to the iPhone and my experience with it has been on a range of “it’s a sucky pain in the ass, but it’ll do in a pinch,”  to “#&!^ you, CBS!”   If the iPad version works the same way, I don’t want any part of it.

The iPhone lacks support for the Flash software that is commonly used on the web for video streaming, so Hulu won’t work.  But a Hulu application is said to be in development.  Of course, a Hulu application for the iPhone has been rumored for about 2 years and that hasn’t happened yet.

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