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On a day where some are lining up to by a third generation iPhone, I am still enjoying the original version which won’t even be two years old for another 11 days.  After all this time, the major problem I have with the phone is that it still lacks any support for Flash, and so my video viewing experience isn’t quite what I’d have it be.  But on the whole, especially since my old phone always allows me to upgrade to new software, and with all of the amazing apps available, I’d have to rank the two year old gadget as the best all-around gadget yet.   I’m not really sure I’ll be upgrading to the new 3G S version.  We’ll see.

In the meanwhile, I still marvel at the utility of the applications that are freely available.  You can download the the US Open app and it will allow you to watch some live video coverage of one of the marquee groups, and of course it has a leader board.  But it’s the depth of the information and the ease of accessing it that I enjoy, including scorecard style course layouts with flyovers of the holes.  I found the live video extremely watchable over a WiFi connection, and the flyover and the walkthrough videos of the holes were gorgeous.

And sure, you can find all that information on the web as well (including more video options), and if you’re sitting in front of your computer and have a broadband connection, it’s probably the better way to go.  But the iPhone route still seems cooler and certainly is much more effective while you’re standing in line for coffee at Peet’s!   Don’t fret Crackberry and other mobile users, they haven’t completely ignored you.  You can visit a Blackberry friendly version of the US Open site at m.usopen.com.  The iPhone app is way cooler though 😀

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