It felt like every other post last week was related to some iPad application or the other being released simultaneously with an iPad.  Did you buy one?

No I didn’t. I should note while I am not the huge Apple fanboi that some are, I did buy an iPhone the very first day it was released in 2007. I didn’t stand in line, but about 8pm the first day it was on sale, after the hoopla had subsided,  I went over to the Apple store walked right up to the register and bought one.

It has been the most useful Gadget I’ve ever owned and because of software upgrades I never felt bad for buying a first generation device.  I would’ve been furious if I had to buy a new piece of hardware to use any of the iPhone apps, but Apple spared me that fury.

If I waswas traveling a lot, or even just taking a the subway or train to work every day, I could see getting one.   If I wanted to read a lot of eBooks I could also see getting one.  If I wasn’t already in front of a computer at least 8 hours a day I could see getting one.

The iPad is not so new and innovative that it is a gadget I just have to have.  The iPhone combined a cellphone and iPod into one gadget and as a bonus was a portable web browser, e-mail client and video playback device that fit in my pocket.  It simplified my life.

The thing I’d primarily want an iPad for would be to have a cool hand-held video display.  It doesn’t do Flash though, so no Hulu, and though Netflix launched with an iPad app, it says it is working on an iPhone app too, and I’ll really enjoy that whenever they get around to releasing it.

My lifestyle could change and I might change my mind, or future generations of the product might sway me.  But for now,  if I just had to have another gadget I’d get a Netbook for less money that offered more: more memory, a bigger hard drive, a bigger screen, and support for Flash and Hulu.  It wouldn’t have a cool touch screen,  but it would only be about a pound heavier than the iPad and that’s with a bigger screen and a bigger hard drive.   Plus I could update an Excel spreadsheet on it easily.

I’m not down on the iPad, I just not having any “OMG! I have to have one”  feelings.  If you have one and love it, I support your enjoyment of  it.

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