Nielsen Wire has a post up on how children age 2-11 are watching  more TV than they have in years with TV viewing at an 8 year high.  Kids 2-5 are spending more than 32 hours a week in front of a TV screen (includes DVD, video games, etc)

Within the story was a chart I found more interesting on the percentage of commercials seen in primetime by DVR users by age group.  That kids 2-5 aren’t as quick on the fast forward as their older siblings isn’t so surprising,  but I was still a bit surprised by the high level of commercial playback on DVRs according to Nielsen:

One more thing younger kids do more than those age 6-11 is watch more commercials. Young kids also watch commercials in playback mode more than older kids and adults, as well as watch their favorite shows over and over and over on DVD, VOD and DVR.


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