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“Lost” is one of the most digitally recorded scripted TV series on the air, with about a third of the viewing time-delayed. That presents an economic puzzle for ABC working in an advertising environment that buys commercial time according to a live-plus-three-day calculation.

Advertisers are leery of buying time on shows that are heavily DVR’d, says Deana Myers, SNL Kagan senior analyst.

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I tend to agree with the headline, but not necessarily with  Deana Myers comment, at least as it pertains to Lost. Why?  Because while Lost is heavily DVRd and gets more of a boost over its live plus same day DVR numbers with adults 18-49 when a full week’s worth of DVR viewing is factored in, even on a LIVE or LIVE+SD basis, it’s still one of the most popular shows among adults 18-49 (ignore last week, it was a clips show).

While I have little doubt that Lost’s advertising revenue is impacted by DVR viewing, I have a lot of doubt that advertisers would shy away from the show just because of its DVR viewership.  But, there are other shows that have high DVR viewing that don’t have nearly as good number with live viewing or DVR viewing as LOST does, and I can see advertisers shying away from those more.

I think the real message here, quite independent of Lost though, is that more DVR viewers isn’t necessarily a good thing for anything other than network press releases.

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