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  • LJ Alexander

    The show is about as real as it gets on TV. I know. I have lived with it for 24 years.

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  • Kelly

    I am hooked on this show but there has been more arguing and people talking at the same time than usual so I think I have reached my tolerance limit with that and will be moving on to another show.

  • Sue

    I am so impressed with Parenthood! Finally a show centered around normal people with a normal family. I am so concerned that this program will be canceled because the youth of America prefer to watch reality tv etc. I would hope that this show returns next year. I know the advertisers prefer to aim their sales to the youth, but older people also add to the economy. Aren’t we in a position to have more money to spend?

  • Marian Goldberg

    We are senior citizens who absolutely love Parenthood. We can relate to many episodes as we have a family of our own. What a joy to watch such a wholesome television show with no violence or sex. Please, don’t ever take this show off the air.

  • Marianne

    I love this show. It’s my very favorite. Why is it on so infrequently? Why isn’t it advertised?

  • Kate

    This is one of the best shows I have seen in a very long time. I hope more people start watching this because I would honestly be crushed if it ended. I look forward to every episode, and it keeps getting better and better! It’s so realistic and just when I think they’ve covered every tough situation a family can go through they add another one that makes me really think about things differently and see things from a new view. The stresses Ryan goes through from the war, Christina’s cancer, Max’s aspergers to adopting a son and learning to incorporate him into the family. It is so realistic and I absolutely LOVE this show!

  • BashaPearl

    Big fan even tho it gets pre-empted and run over by specials and debates etc. This year it seems the writers are trying to give each character face time in every episode. Getting tired of each sub-drama. Can any of these people have a couple of good weeks? Still love it, but could quit caring about the characters if the brow knitting turmoil continues. Exhausting.

  • Patricia

    On this week’s show they said there were only 2 episodes left? Its only January!!! This is literally the only show I watch on TV. Is it in danger of being cancelled again? This is such a good show, I dont understand and I dont understand why there are only 2 shows left this year.

  • Nate

    This show is so perfect. I find myself learning from some of the examples that are set for dealing with difficult situations and I am 54!!. I just found out about this show and watched all 54 episodes on Netflicks in about 2 weeks and am now watcing season 4 on Comcast. I will be miffed if the Network stops this show. Best realistic thing on TV ever..

  • Merilyn

    Parenthood is a terrific show! It covers so many of the problems that real families face. The patient way the Braverman family handles Max’s autistic behavior is a great example for families with a similar challenge. With the shows coverage of other typical family problems ( cancer, adoption, mixed marriage, teen pregnancy, etc.) Parenthood consistently demonstrates real reactions with positive solutions. It models good family values without being too cheesy, much as the Cosby Show did. I sure hope it continues for another season!

  • Tina

    I ABSOLUTELY LOOOOOOVE THIS SHOW! Please keep it on forever!! I feel people can relate to the stories because they are so real. Magnificent writing…haven’t been this excited about a television show in a very long time! Thank you NBC for bringing Parenthood into our livingrooms. WE WANT MORE!

  • Dawn Caldwell

    Finally, an quality wonderful television show with real character development. It would break my heart to see this show go off the air.

  • Hayden

    This show used to be SO good, but is has gone so far downhill. The incessant arguing, talking over one another, and over-acted scenes (hello, Crosby in the restraint)is unbearable…ugh. I doubt this show will be renewed next year. I know I’m done watching.

  • Hayden

    Before all of you point it out…”restraint” should read “restaurant”. DYAC.

  • Cheryl

    I am getting tired of all the fighting with every couple or family, that’s all they do every week,

  • Karon

    I really enjoy parenthood. show involves everyone in the family, their different problems, different points of view, and in the end, always a resolution. please keep it on for a long long time. yes, fighting, talking over one another, but that is the way it often is in families. But in the end, they always come to terms with one another. The writers do a fantastic job. Keep up the good work, writers and actors.

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