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For the complete 2011-12 TV season, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live grew its overall audience for the 3rd consecutive year (+3%), generating its most-watched season ever. JKL stood as the only late-night broadcast talk show to build over its prior season in Total Viewers, as NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (-5%), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (-2%) and Last Call with Carson Daly (-4%) and CBS’ The Late Show with David Letterman (-11%) and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (-13%) were all down.


  • ABC’s JKL (M-F 12am) outperformed CBS’ Ferguson (M-F 12:35am) during the season by double-digit percentages in both Total Viewers (+21%) and Adults 18-49 (+16%).


  • JKL scored its most competitive finish ever with NBC’s Tonight Show and CBS’ The Late Show during the season among Adults 18-49, trailing just 414k young adult viewers behind the NBC program and 301k behind the CBS program.


During the 3rd Quarter 2012, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live improved over the year-ago 3rd quarter by 2% in Total Viewers to turn in its most-watched 3Q in 6 years (since 2006) and its 2nd-most-watched 3Q ever. Growing its overall audience year over year for the 10th quarter in a row, JKL was the only broadcast talk show in late-night to post yearly gains among Total Viewers.


  • ABC’s JKL topped CBS’ Ferguson for the 6th straight quarter in Total Viewers (+35%) and for the 10th consecutive quarter in Adults 18-49 (+32%). Further, JKL outdelivered Ferguson in each of the 13 weeks of the quarter in both viewers and young adults.


  • With only 130,000 Adult 18-49 viewers separating ABC’s JKL and CBS’ Letterman during the quarter, the ABC late-night program delivered its closest demo performance ever with the CBS program.


During the final week of the 2011-12 TV season (week of September 17), ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live was up for the 3rd week in a row in both Total Viewers (+6%) and Adults 18-49 (+13%) to deliver its best performance in 3 months – since the week of 6/18/12. JKL was also up over the final week of the 2010-11 season (w/o 9/12/11) by 13% in viewers and by 7% in young adults, standing as the only late-night broadcast talk show to grow over the year-ago week.


  • ABC’s JKL beat NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (M-F 12:35am) by 14% in Total Viewers and by 12% in Adults 18-49, drawing a larger overall audience than the NBC late-night program in 4 of the 5 days of the week. In fact, on Thursday and Friday, repeat telecasts of JKL outperformed originals of Fallon by double-digit margins among young adults (Thursday: +21%, Friday: +10%).


·         ABC’s JKL towered over CBS’ The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson by a hefty 41% in Total Viewers, outdrawing the CBS program in all but one week of the season. JKL also beat Ferguson by 41% in Adults 18-49, representing its 28th consecutive win over the CBS program. The ABC late-night program held double-digit advantages over Ferguson on 4 of 5 days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) on both Nielsen measures, including JKL’s repeat telecasts dominating original telecasts of the CBS program on Thursday and Friday.

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