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In Premiere Episode Actress Charlize Theron Discusses Her Distinguished Career and Philanthropic Efforts to Prevent HIV in Africa

 The ENCORE Original Series “Movie Talk with Peter Bart,” will premiere on Sunday, May 20 at 10am ET/PT, on ENCORE.

Charlize Theron quotes from the episode:


  • · “I’m attracted to the characters that maybe, life doesn’t always work out for them. They don’t go through this third act epiphany, the score doesn’t kick in, and life doesn’t turn out perfect for them. I’m attracted to them, because those are the people that I know.”


  • · “I think television is, in a way, pushing the envelope in film. What’s happening in television, creatively, we need to pay attention to it because it’s really setting the bar. I feel like we have to kind of step up in film and raise our bar.”


  • · “I go back to South Africa mainly because of the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach program …This whole generation that is HIV Negative … how do we keep them HIV negative? There was a whole generation of parents that died because of this epidemic and we are expecting children and teenagers to raise themselves, and to just automatically know how to not become HIV Positive.”


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