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ESPN Digital Media Remains No. 1 Across Platforms in August


For the 12th straight month since Multi-Platform measurement began, ESPN maintains top spot; ESPN’s 88 minutes per user is more than top 175 sports properties; 19 million sports fans exclusively use ESPN digital on smartphones and tablets


ESPN Digital Media accounted for 30% of all sports category usage across digital platforms in August, more than the Nos. 2 and 3 sports properties combined (Yahoo Sports!-NBC Sports Network and MLB), according to comScore’s Multi-Platform data.


ESPN has been No. 1 in the sports category in average minute audience, share of category audience, total minutes of usage, total visits and male unique visitors every month since comScore began releasing Multi-Platform data in September 2012.


Other results from the August comScore Multi-Platform report:


?         In total, ESPN digital properties attracted 57.9 million unique visitors, logging 5.1 billion minutes of usage and 579.2 million visits.


?         While the Yahoo! Sports-NBC Sports Network aggregated property reached +7% more total unique visitors in August — “unique visitors” include anyone who visits a property as little as once during a month — ESPN reached 63% more people per minute during the month. This is due to ESPN’s vast advantage in time spent per user (88.1 minutes vs. 50.7 minutes).


?         ESPN was the No. 1 digital sports property for unique visitors across male demographics in August, leading No. 2 Yahoo! Sports-NBC Sports Network by +28% among men 18-34, +18% among men 18-49, and +12% among men 25-54.


?         33.6 million people used ESPN mobile properties for 2.1 billion minutes.  ESPN led the No. 2 mobile sports entity by +51% on unique visitors and +114% on minutes.


?         33% of ESPN’s unique users – 19.0 million people – exclusively accessed content on smartphones and tablets, and 41% of all time spent with ESPN digital content came from mobile device users.


?         The 88.1 minutes per user spent with ESPN digital properties (such as, WatchESPN and ScoreCenter) during August was more time than any of the top 175 sports category entities.


?         114,151 people used ESPN digital properties on computers, smartphones and tablets in the average minute throughout August.  Among men 18-49 and 25-54, ESPN was the 9th and 8th most-used digital property respectively in the U.S.


Additional results from ESPN Research & Analytics:


?         Users watched 260 million ESPN digital video clips in August. 74% were viewed on computers, 16% on mobile devices and 9% on YouTube.1


?         Viewers spent 380 million minutes with WatchESPN and ESPN3 live and on-demand programming across all platforms.1


?         ESPN sent 3.4 billion alerts in August, up +68% from a year ago.

ESPN was the 4th most-social TV network in August, with 1.2 million unique users sending 3.2 million tweets about ESPN content.  Overall the ESPN networks and ABC sports television content generated 6.4 million social media comments.2  Other key social media metrics:


?         ESPN ended August with 8.9 million Facebook fans, while the SportsCenter Facebook page totaled 7.2 million fans.3


?         2.4 million people engaged with the ESPN Facebook page (liked a post, shared a story, left a comment), and 1.9 million engaged with the SportsCenter page.3


?         26.0 million people were reached by ESPN page content on Facebook; 16.0 million by SportsCenter page content.3


?         ESPN had 23.9 million unique followers across all of our Twitter accounts in August.


?         ESPN’s top five Twitter accounts were @ESPN (7.0 million followers), @SportsCenter (5.7MM), @adamschefter (2.4MM), @billsimmons (2.2MM) and @SportsNation (1.9MM).


?         ESPN’s Twitter accounts were retweeted or favorited 3.1 million times during the month.4


1 Source: Adobe Analytics

2 Source: SocialGuide

3 Source: Facebook

4 Source: Twitter

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