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ESPN Digital Media Remains No. 1 Across Platforms in March


ESPN Digital Media delivered 33% of all sports category usage across digital platforms in March, more than twice the average audience of No. 2 Yahoo! Sports, and more than the Nos. 2 and 3 sports properties combined, according to comScore’s Multi-Platform data.


ESPN has been no. 1 in the sports category in average minute audience, total minutes of usage and total visits every month since comScore began releasing Multi-Platform data in September 2012. Other results from the March comScore Multi-Platform report:

  • · In total ESPN digital properties attracted 54.9 million unique visitors, logging 5.6 billion minutes of usage and 693.9 million visits.
  • · 29% of ESPN’s unique users – 16.0 million people – exclusively accessed content on smartphones and tablets, and 42% of all time spent with ESPN digital content came from mobile device users.
  • · 129,427 people used ESPN digital properties on computers, smartphones and tablets in the average minute throughout March, ranking ESPN as the 14th most-used digital property in the U.S.
  • · For unique visitors across all male demographics in March, ESPN was the No. 1 digital sports property, leading No. 2 Bleacher Report/Turner Sports by +15% among males 12-24 and by +23% among men 18-34. Also, among men 18-49, ESPN led No. 2 Yahoo! Sports by +14%.




Additional results from ESPN Research and Analytics:

  • · ESPN sent a record-setting 2.5 billion alerts in March, up 164% from a year ago.
  • · Users watched 281 million ESPN digital video clips in March. 70% were viewed on computers, 20% on mobile devices and 10% on YouTube.1
  • · Viewers spent 355 million minutes with WatchESPN and ESPN3 live and on-demand programming across all platforms. Smartphones, tablets and gaming consoles accounted for 37% of that time spent viewing.1


Across social media, ESPN television content generated 7.99 million social comments in March, making it the “most social” network on television.2 Other key social media metrics:

  • · ESPN ended March with 8.6 million Facebook fans, while the SportsCenter Facebook page totaled 6.8 million fans.3
  • · 2.9 million people engaged with the ESPN Facebook page (liked a post, shared a story, left a comment), and 1.9 million engaged with the SportsCenter page.3
  • · 33.5 million people consumed ESPN content on Facebook, while 20 million accessed content the SportsCenter Facebook page. 3
  • · ESPN’s top five Twitter accounts in March were @ESPN (6.3 million followers), @SportsCenter (4.9MM), @adamschefter (2.2MM), @billsimmons (2.0MM) and @SportsNation (1.7MM). ESPN’s top 50 accounts were retweeted or favorited 3.4 million times during the month.4
  • · ESPN video content on YouTube generated 27.7 million views, up 81% from a year ago.5


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