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NBA Digital Delivers Record-Setting Regular Season   NBA TV Achieves Most Viewed Complete Regular Season Ever; All-Time Records for & NBA Mobile NBA Digital delivered a record-setting 2012-13 regular season across television, online and mobile screens. Highlights include NBA TV’s most-viewed complete regular season ever, setting all-time records in page views and video streams, and NBA Mobile generating all-time video stream totals.

NBA TV averaged 336,000 total viewers for its 98 regular-season telecasts, up 33% over the last full NBA regular-season in 2010-11 (253,000).

Additional NBA TV highlights include:

§ The network generating four of its top five most-viewed regular season telecasts of all time.
o Los Angeles Lakers vs. Portland, Oct. 31, 2012 – 868,000
o Indiana vs. Miami, March 10, 2013 – 764,000
o L.A. Lakers vs. L.A. Clippers, Jan. 14, 2012 – 756,000
o Miami vs. San Antonio, March 31, 2013 – 743,000
o San Antonio vs. L.A. Lakers, Nov. 13, 2012 – 739,000

§ Significant audience growth for NBA TV original programming including the critically-acclaimed Open Court series and The Association featuring the Brooklyn Nets. NBA TV’s seven installments of Open Court averaged 140,000 total viewers, up 87% over last year’s six shows. Through 12 episodes, The Association experienced a 17% increase among total viewers when compared with a total of seven shows in 2011-12.

§ The network’s signature NBA GameTime studio show delivering its most-viewed season ever for live episodes airing throughout the 2012-13 regular season.

§ A median age of 35.1, the youngest of any sports network.

NBA Digital also achieved record-setting consumption across digital properties including:

§ recording nearly 6.6 billion page views and 3.9 billion video streams – both all-time records – from the start of the season through Sunday, April 14.
§ NBA Mobile generating more than 86 million video streams this season, a record-setting mark.
§ Nearly 100 million alert notifications (which are consumer opt-ins) distributed across digital platforms this season, a new all-time record.

The NBA has established itself as an industry leader in social media with continued growth this season including:

§ Recently surpassing 400 million likes and followers combined across all league, team and player pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Sina and Tencent.
§ Becoming the first professional sports league to exceed one billion videos viewed on its YouTube channel earlier this year, the NBA now has more than 1.3 billion viewed overall.
§ Ranking as the No. 1 sports brand on Google video with over three million subscribers to the league’s YouTube Channel.

Source: Nielsen Media Research. Based on Live +Same Day data stream. NBA TV Regular Season: 2012-13 (10/31/12 – 4/15/13) vs. 2011-12 (12/26/11-4/23/12), live game telecasts only. NBA TV Most-viewed Regular Season: based on P2+, 10/30/10-4/15/13, live game telecasts only. Open Court comparison: 2012-13 (10/9/12-2/17/13, 7 installments) vs. 2011-12 (11/22/11 – 12/20/11, 6 installments). The Association Comparison: 2012-13 (10/16/12-4/10/13, 12 installments) vs. 2011-12 (1/25/12-5/16/12, 7 installments). NBA TV median age based on Total Day (M-Sun 6A-6A), P2+, (10/1/12-4/14/13). Source: Nielsen Media Research, Live + Same Day data stream. NBA Gametime based on live telecasts only 2012-13 (10/31/12-4/15/13), 2011-12 (12/26/11-4/23/12) and 2010-11 (10/30/10-4/11/11). Source: NBA Mobile video streams according to Bango (international according to Neulion); mobile alert notifications – PushIO.

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